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Upcoming Tournaments, Schools, and Events
(Now till December 19)

Here are the tournaments, schools, and other events happening in the next thirty days. For complete lists see tournaments, schools, events, and Selection Events.

For other calendars, see USCA Club Calendars.

Nov 30 – Dec 2  ·  Citrus Golf Croquet Series, Part 3
Region:  Florida
Location:  Palm Beach Polo Golf & Country Club, Wellington, FL
Contact:  Rick Landry
Phone 1:  603-651-7337
Email:  landrytennis@aol.com
Alt Contact:  Rick Landry, TD
Golf Croquet Rules, Club Invitational

Dec 6  ·  USCA Golf Croquet Tournament Play School
Region:  Florida
Location:  National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL
Contact:  Jennifer
Phone 1:  561-478-0760
Email:  tournament@uscroquet.com
Golf Croquet Rules

Dec 7–9  ·  USCA Club Team Golf Croquet Championships
Region:  Florida
Location:  National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL
Contact:  Ursula
Phone 1:  561-478-0760
Email:  tournament@uscroquet.com
Alt Contact:  Cheryl Bromley TM/John Osborn TD
Alt Email:  bromleycroquet@gmail.com
Golf Croquet Rules

Dec 7–9  ·  Sarasota CCC Fall Invitational
Region:  Florida
Location:  Sarasota CCC at Pinebrook Park, Venice, FL
Contact:  Nancy Hart
Phone 1:  803-530-2035
Email:  nh13sc@gmail.com
Alt Contact:  Fred Jones, TD
Alt Email:  crokpeople@aol.com
American Rules, Club Invitational




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