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Golf Croquet Tactics and Strategy

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You can block your opponent, knock an enemy ball out of scoring range, or use your ball to knock a partner ball into an advantageous position. Although each wicket must be scored in the order of the course, players may not advance their balls to the Pioneer Wicket (the wicket after the next wicket to be scored)(refer below) in order to gain a tactical advantage.

Such a "pioneer ball" may be in a position to score a point immediately following the scoring of the previous wicket by either side only if it is put there by an opponent or it rolled there after hitting an opponent ball. The pioneer ball may score a point if any portion of the pioneer ball was legally beneath the Pioneer Wicket before the previous wicket point was scored. If a ball is illegally there it will be asked to be played from the penalty point on the sideline opposite the center stake. This must be declared before any stroke is made after the wicket is scored.

A player may deliberately decline to score a wicket but may not pass (or waive) his or her turn from any position, including beneath a wicket, for any number of turns. The player must make contact with the ball with his/her mallet. Ball does not have to roll. This is a common tactic to prevent the opponent's scoring the pioneer wicket, or to make time for partner ball to get into a scoring or defensive position at the pioneer wicket.

If you are ahead in the score, you can afford to "trade" wickets with your opponent. If you are behind in the score, you must figure out tactics that will allow you to score two or more wickets consecutively.

Here are some articles (in alphabetic order) specific to Golf Croquet for you to read. You may need to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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If you want to read articles about croquet tactics and strategy in general, use the library for All Croquet. If you want to read articles about another types of croquet, use the libraries for American Croquet, Association Croquet, or Nine-Wicket Croquet.






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