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Here are some articles that will help you improve your playing techniques in Association Croquet. You may need to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Start by reading Technique by John Riches for the basic techniques of the different croquet strokes.

Then read Error Correction by John Riches to discover and correct any errors in your strokes.

Now you're ready to read about all the details in Finer Points by John Riches . This is a large (1 MB) file, and may take a few minutes to load. Please be patient; it's worth it.

Finally, get your mind and body working together by reading Mental Approach by John Riches.

You can buy a book or DVD (in alphabetical order) about Association Croquet.

If you want to read articles about croquet techniques in general, use the library for All Croquet. If you want to read articles about another types of croquet, use the libraries for American Croquet, Nine-Wicket Croquet, or Golf Croquet.






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