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Croquet is more than you remember.
More Fun. A real Sport.

Countless Americans have all played and enjoyed nine wickets croquet. It's a fun family game played in backyards and public parks across the United States, by children and adults alike.

Now discover the modern sport of six wickets croquet. Specially built courts and precision equipment set the stage for an addictive game of skill and strategy. The basics are easy to learn, and yet there's always a new level for those who seek a challenge. Croquet is a competitive sport with a relaxed, sociable atmosphere, and a strong tradition of sportsmanship.

Get started by checking out our online video presentation. Then try the game at one of the hundreds of USCA-registered croquet clubs, or by taking the introductory class at USCA Schools. Or simply contact the USCA if you'd like more information.




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