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Nine Wickets Croquet

Nine wickets croquet is the casual, social form of croquet played by millions in North America on the traditional nine wickets, two stakes, double diamond court. It is usually played on long grass or other slow or irregular surfaces in backyards or public parks. Using up to six balls and as many players, the many varieties of this game are usually played with lightweight, inexpensive 6-ball sets popularly available in discount and department stories for $50 to $100.

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Nine-Wicket Croquet

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The most complex game played on a nine wickets court is Nine-Wicket Croquet. It is recommended for adult play. Read a brief synopsis, or look up the official rules, of Nine-Wicket Croquet. This nine wickets game most closely resembles the six wickets games played on regulation courts and short-cut greens at USCA clubs.

Family Croquet

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For family play, the court layout can be of any size or shape, and is often distorted to take "advantage" of trees and bushes. Six balls, instead of the usual four balls, are often used. Players play individually, rather than in teams. This variation of nine wickets croquet is also called Extreme Croquet or Guerilla Croquet.






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Oakley Woods Croquet

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