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Interpretations of American Croquet Rules

From time to time the USCA Rules Committee issues rulings on interpreting the American Croquet Rules. Their rulings are presented here for your review. To read them, you will need the Adobe Reader.

Acrobat File 1-2017 Clearing Rover Last Deadness
Acrobat File 2-2014 Interference By A Partner in Doubles
Acrobat File 1-2014 Striker Testing for a Wire
Acrobat File 1-2013 Roquet of Line Ball
Acrobat File 3-2012 Blocking a Rover Ball
Acrobat File 2-2012 Resolving Disagreements When A Referee Has Not Been Called
Acrobat File 1-2012 Maintaining the Deadness Board After a Dead Ball Fault




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