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2006 National Croquet Day

United States Croquet Association, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
by Genie & Ron Hendry


1st Place — Yacht & Country Club, Stuart, Florida – Hosted 82 members and guests for “Las Vegas Croquet”, which included dice croquet (hit a 2 dice balls into a numbered rectangle and add numbers together for your point to make), roulette croquet (Balls are hit up and 8 ft platform which goes into a semi circle, comes down another 8 ft platform on to a 3x4 ft. rectangle with red & black numbers 1-12), slots croquet (3 balls, one chance to hit into slot pockets), blackjack croquet (Circle with a numerical value – hit 4 balls to beat the dealer who has a standard 16);  Each player received 20 “free” croquet dollars at the beginning and had to bet while participating in the 4 games.  The last event is the Wheel of Fortune (must have participated in all 4 games and won at least $20). 

2nd Place — Sarasota Country Croquet Club, Venice, FL – 38 visitors and 40 club members visited various “stations” (i.e. How to play Golf Croquet the “Game in Action”; “American Style” croquet) etc.

3rd Place — Grand Haven Croquet Club, Palm Coast, FL – 42 attendees were challenged by 12 stations of  obstacle after wicked obstacle.


1st Place — Sandbar Plantation Croquet Association, Brusly, LA – Newspaper article “Crazy About Croquet” and a segment on a local public broadcasting TV station inspired by the newspaper article.

2nd Place — McCall Croquet Club, McCall, ID – Hosted an auction for the “Shepherd’s Home” shelter for children.  Prizes were 4 hours of croquet lessons for 16 people, followed by a northwest seafood dinner extravaganza.  They raised $4,000.00.

3rd Place — Ram Island Mallet Club, Cape Elizabeth, ME, The club convinced a developer of a Seniors Community to put in a croquet court.  At the Grand Opening Ram Mallet Croquet Club members introduced 6 wicket croquet with a demonstration followed by lessons for residents. 


Hammock Dunes Croquet Club, Palm Coast, FL – Had a “croquet camp” for 50 youngsters over 4 days.

Green Boundary Croquet Club, Aiken, SC – Hosted a week long croquet school for 18 children.

Attracting the younger generation is the future of the sport and it was reported that the kid’s enthusiasm and interest rubbed off on their parents.


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