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2008 World Championship Selections

22 July 2007
United States Croquet Association, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
by Johnny Mitchell, Selection Committee Chair

The Selection Committee have made their selections to the 2008 World Croquet Federation Championships to be held in New Zealand February 2-10. We are happy to announce the following selections.

Paul Bennett
Doug Grimsley
Danny Huneycutt
Stewart Jackson
Rich Lamm
Ron Lloyd
Jerry Stark

In addition we are requesting two wildcard slots.

1st Wildcard - David Bent
2nd Wildcard - Jim Bast

In the event that we are unsuccessful in securing those slots, those players will be alternates in order. In addition we have chosen:

3rd Alternate - Peter Just
4th Alternate - Jim Butts

Good luck to all of the players and thank you to all who submitted their names.





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