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Ellsworth Library Features Croquet Exhibit

11 July 2010
Ellsworth Public Library, Ellsworth, ME
by Perry Matson

Throughout the month of July, the Ellsworth library's (locked) glass exhibition case will feature an exhibit of croquet memorabilia. Included among the sundry items are white polo shirts representing the three local club as well as two others.

Ellsworth Library Croquet Exhibit

There are also mallets, balls, two croquet hats, several trophies, and books on the subject. The display issue of Croquet News features Ben Rothman on the cover. Also in the exhibit is Larry Stettner's Puzzler book and a copy of the Claremont 9-wicket rules.

Included also is a small xeroxed album of mostly local croquet photographs.These were placed on the top of the case for interested people to look through. The library — entirely on their own — added two newspaper clippings of Woodlawn triumphs on the top of the case. Very nicely, too, they added a vase of fresh flowers.

Staff have reported a number of people looking at the exhibit.

The exhibit was assembled by Sturgis Haskins.





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