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Bald Head Island Invitational Won by Audrey Wille

by Dick Johnston

The 20th Bald Head Island Croquet Club Invitational was held from May 28th through June 3rd under sunny skies … at least until Saturday night and Sunday! The first heavy rain in several months came on Saturday night and Sunday and the schedule was compressed to allow finals to be completed on Saturday afternoon.

The social events in member homes, the newly renovated Bald Head Club and other locations were all a great success capped by the traditional “Gala in White”. The courts were in good shape and everyone competed with high energy in three flights of Singles and Waterford Doubles.

The winner of Championship Flight Singles was Audrey Wille, the first female to win Championship Flight in tournament history!

Ron Lloyd placed second after going undefeated until the finals match, and John Knott was a strong third. The team of Billie Jean Berne and Ron Lloyd edged Audrey Wille and Bill Berne in Doubles.

Skip Babcock won First Flight Singles followed by Chris Christian in second. Conrad Haas was a strong third having won all his matches until a close semifinals loss. Marie Haas and John Knott captured doubles with a close win over Chris Christian and Avril Nicholson.

Keppy Babcock completed a family sweep with a win in Second Flight over Mike Conry who had a strong record leading to his second place spot. Bob Porter was third in flight. The Doubles was won by Judy Porter and Dave Strawson with a very close win over Mike Conry and Brenda Quanstrom.

Finishing Order

  Championship Singles Championship Doubles
1st Audrey Wille Ron Lloyd & Billie Jean Berne
2nd Ron Lloyd Audrey Wille & Bill Berne
3rd John Knott Bob Wille
4th Bill Berne  
5th Bob Wille  
6th Ron Hendry  
7th Billie Jean Berne  

  First Flight Singles First Flight Doubles
1st Skip Babcock Marie Haas & John Knott
2nd Chris Christian Chris Christian & Avril Nicholson
3rd Conrad Haas Dick Johnston
4th Avril Nicholson Conrad Haas
5th Marge Cramer Skip Babcock
6th Dick Johnston Marge Cramer
7th Marie Haas Robert Lankford
8th Robert Lankford Bob Porter

  Second Flight Singles Second Flight Doubles
1st Keppy Babcock Dave Strawson & Judy Porter
2nd Mike Conry Mike Conry & Brenda Quanstrom
3rd Bob Porter Marilyn Ridgeway
4th Marilyn Ridgeway  
5th Judy Porter  
6th Brenda Quanstrom  
7th Dave Strawson  






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