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National Championships Won by Paul Scott, and Brian Cumming & Stewart Jackson

1-7 October 2007
Meadow Club, Southhampton, NY
by Archie Peck, Tournament Director

Final Order

  Championship Singles Championship Doubles
1st Paul Scott Brian Cumming & Stewart Jackson
2nd Jeff Soo Jeff Soo & Paul Scott
3rd Doug Grimsley
Leo Mcbride
Ron Lloyd & David Bent
4th   John Osborn & Archie Peck
5th Wayne Davies
Stewart Jackson
Leo Mcbride & Rufus Bayard
John Young III & Doug Moore
7th Gene Fusz
Britt Ruby
Rich Lamm & Mik Mehas
Britt Ruby & Rick Sheely
9th Brian Cumming
Rich Lamm
Ron Lloyd
Mik Mehas
Tim Bitting & Gene Fusz
Ted Quimby & Bob Morgan
Doug Grimsley & Rich Curtis
Jim Butts & Bill Campbell
13th David Bent
Rich Curtis
Dick Sullivan
Mike Zuro
Jane Simonds & Mike Orgill
14th   Ted Prentis & Mike Gibbons
Fred Jones & Jackie Jones
Frank Hentic & Harry Hurt
17th Tim Bitting
Jim Butts
Johnny Mitchell
Doug Moore
Bob Morgan
John Osborn
Rick Sheely
Ted Quimby
Johnny Mitchell & Mike Zuro
Bill Martin & Peter Just
Dick Sullivan & Tylor Thomas
Ron Lastinger & Wayne Davies
21st   Bill Hamilton & Tony Mayo
Missy Ramey & Lone Schweitzer
23rd   Frank Thompson & Eileen Soo
Eldon Trimingham & Josie Jackson
25th Mike Gibbons  
26th Fred Jones
Bill Martin
Frank Hentic
Mike Orgill
Peter Just
Ron Lastinger
32nd John Young III
Jackie Jones
Missy Ramey
Frank Thompson
Jane Simonds
David Mccoy
38th Janet Hamilton
Rufus Bayard
Harry Hurt
Lone Schweitzer
Bill Hamilton
Ruth Summers
Tyler Thomas
Eldon Trimingham
46th Eileen Soo
Tony Mayo
Barbara Leeming

Plate Payton Ballenger Award
Bill Martin Jackie Jones

  First Flight Singles First Flight Doubles
1st Jane Shanley Jane Shanley & Harold Menzel
2nd Carol Mayo Geoffrey Mattison & Betty Crisler
3rd Lloyd Hadden David McCoy & Sandra Walsh
4th Sandra Walsh Carol Mayo & Zoe deRopp
5th Reine Bitting
Geoffrey Mattison   
Lee Hanna & Stephanie Paduano
Barbara Leeming & Phyllis Butts   
7th Zoe deRopp
John Schoo
Gen Lanyon & Dolph Cramer
Lloyd Hadden & Marjorie Campbell
9th Betty Crisler
Harold Menzel
Stephanie Paduano
12th Phyllis Butts
Dolph Cramer
14th Georg Dej
Gen Lanyon
16th Marjorie Campbell






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