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Meadow Club Invitational Won by Mike Gibbons, and David McCoy

29 July - 1 August 2009
Southampton, NY
scores by Archie Peck

Final Order

  Championship Singles Championship Doubles (Waterford)
1st Mike Gibbons David McCoy
2nd Tim Bitting Patrick Foy
3rd Bob Morgan Norris Settlemyre
4th Norris Settlemyre Tim Bitting
5th Steve Warner
David McCoy
Dick Sullivan
6th Missy Ramey
7th Dick Sullivan Steve Warner
8th Ted Quimby Ted Quimby
9th Missy Ramey Bob Morgan
10th Patrick Foy Carol Mayo
11th Carol Mayo  
12th Tony Mayo

  First Flight Singles First Flight Doubles (Waterford)
1st Stuart Baker Nancy Reynolds
2nd Reine Bitting Stuart Baker
3rd Jodie Rygart Joe Knoll
4th Guy Brown Rich Watson
5th Nancy Reynolds
Sandy Walsh
Sandy Walsh
6th Guy Brown
7th Conrad Rugart Jim Wyer
8th Joe Knoll Patricia Duncan
9th Cynnie Cagney Jodie Rugart
10th Jim Wyer Beatty Cramer
11th Lou Fusz Shanda Stephenson
12th Zoe DeRopp Lou Fusz
13th Rich Watson Conrad Rugart
14th Jim Tiberg Cynnie Cagney
15th Patricia Duncan Colleen Rogers
16th Monica Unger Reine Bitting
17th Colleen Rogers  
18th Dolph Cramer

  Second Flight Singles Second Flight Doubles (Waterford)
1st Doug McKechneay Doug McKechneay
2nd George Mathys George Mathys
3rd Lyn Hamer Pat Barile
4th Warren Hamer C A Knoll
5th Ken Meszkat Jim Tiberg
6th Julie Wallace MaryAnne Mathys
7th   Lyn Hamer
8th Julia Wallace
9th Warren Hamer






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