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Association Weekend Won by Tom Krause

23-24 October 2010
Baltimore Croquet Club, Hunt Valley, MD
by Ed O’Laughlin

The weather for the Baltimore Croquet Club’s first event was spectacular.  An energetic group of croquet players gathered at the O’Laughlin court for a weekend of  play.  Advanced rules with two hour games in “Egyptian “ tournament format produced a winner, Tom Krause.  Stuart Lawrence had the best record (undefeated),  but came in second due to the scoring system, which favors developing players.  Mark Goodwin had a very strong showing in his first association rules event with his excellent shooting skills.  All players were grateful for the outstanding hospitality of Kathy O’Laughlin who provided complete logistical support for the event will all meals, etc.  

First place: Tom Krause
2: Stuart Lawrence
3: Ed O’Laughlin
4: Tom Hughes
5: Charlie Gillmarten
6: Mark Goodwin

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