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Under-21 Golf Croquet World Championship Announcement

8 February 2011
World Croquet Federation (WCF)
by Martin French, Secretary-General

I am pleased to announce that the WCF has accepted an offer from the Croquet Association to hold the Under-21 Golf Croquet World Championship at the Hunstanton Croquet Club in England, the week before the WCF Golf Croquet World Championship in London.  Play will be over 4 days, from Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th July.

The entry fee for this event is £0 and the field will be limited to 24 players. Members are invited to nominate players in order of merit to play in the event by 11 March 2011, at which point an allocation of places will be made.  Please provide details of their age and past performance levels.  The WCF will select the 24 entrants from the nominations, following the principles established in the Sports Regulations as far as this is practical for a 24 player event.

The two highest placed finishers in this event, who are available and have not already gained places for the GCWC the following week, will each be awarded a place in the GCWC.  The entry fee for this must be borne by the player or their Member association.

Hunstanton is on the Norfolk Coast, about 2 hours north of London and accessible by train and bus — the club has 5 good lawns, and being a seaside town, there is a good range of accommodation available locally.  It is a small enough town to be able to walk easily between the croquet club, the beach, restaurants, shops and much of the accommodation.

The MC has just circulated a consultation document to the WCF Members, covering a range of items related to events.  It contains a few items which relate specifically to this event — such as the Under-21 qualifying age cut-off date, which we are proposing to leave as 31 December 2010 (Statute 306.1).  We are hoping the Members will agree with the recommendations we have made regarding this worthwhile development event, but it is possible that as a result of the consultation, some details may have to change.  In the meantime it was important to give Members as much notice as possible of this event. 






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