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2012 Solomon Trophy

Day 1 report

Stephen Mulliner sporting both Carolina and GB colors | Photo by Donna Finley

A rough start for the home team in their effort to win the Solomon Trophy for a third successive time. GB took a 1-0 lead in all three of the round 1 doubles matches, fairly easily in the case of Maugham/Evans vs. Rothman/Grimsley and Aiton/Burch vs. Lamm/Patmore; scrappier in the case of Death/Mulliner vs. Bast/Huneycutt, but a strong start all around. The first two of those matches finished equally quickly, Evans and Aiton each notching successive triple peels (Aiton finishing the match with a combination peg-out).

Bast/Huneycutt drew level despite Death's quadruple peel to peg out Huneycutt. The match continued in this interactive mode and Death/Mulliner won +6 in the deciding game to complete a clean sweep of the first round.

With five matches to play in four days, the round 2 doubles started straight away. Maugham/Evans vs. Lamm/Patmore started earliest, and was also the only round 2 match to finish today, Evans completing his third triple peel of the day in very difficult conditions.

Death/Mulliner continued in their scrappy mode, winning a back-and-forth game 1 against Rothman/Grimsley. Bast/Huneycutt had a similarly interactive game 1 win against Aiton/Burch, giving the Americans their first 1-0 lead in a match so far.

Reported by Jeff Soo





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