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2018 USCA National American-rules Championship

October 7-13, Chesapeake Croquet Club, Hartfield, VA

Summary (most recent first)

Day 7

Martie Ekstrom and Paul Neubecker beat Brian Hovis and Harold Menzel 17-16 to win First Flight Doubles.

Joe Steiner beat Brian Hovis 13-10 to win First Flight Singles.

Rodney Lassiter won both sides of the Draw & Process to win the Championship Singles Plate.

Paul and Gary Bennett won 26-12 to force the if-needed game in the Championship Doubles final. Brian Cumming and Jeff Soo won a tense back-and-forth deciding game, 18-17. It is the first time these two have partnered in this event; Cumming has won it five times, with four different partners, and Soo has won it eight times, with three different partners.

Danny Huneycutt won the Championship Singles final, 26-3 and 26-6 over Soo. It is Huneycutt's third time to win the Rudulph "Foxy" Carter Trophy.

Day 6

The storm passed in the night, leaving many in the area without power, but the tournament goes on. Cumming and Soo have advanced to the Championship Doubles final. The Bennetts have won the losers' bracket and must win twice in tomorrow's final. Huneycutt and Soo have advanced to the best-of-three singles final. In First Flight Doubles, Martie Ekstrom and Paul Neubecker won their final block game by enough net points, plus one for insurance, to reach the final against Brian Hovis and Harold Menzel. In First Flight Singles, Hovis has won through to face Steiner in the double-elimination final (Hovis must win twice).

Day 5

The Championship Doubles blocks finished in the 9:00 round, then went straight into the playoffs. We've had a remarkably fortunate window of mostly good weather today, as the remnants of Hurricane Michael approach the area. The heaviest rain will fall tonight, and the forecast for the final two days is most encouraging. All scheduled matches were completed today.

Day 4

A full day of singles playoffs and plate today. In Championship Singles, Huneycutt and Soo have advanced to the "holder" positions in the double-elimination face-off. Grimsley and Randy Cardo have emerged from the losers' brackets to challenge them.

In First Flight Singles, Joe Steiner has won three straight in the winners' bracket to reach the final. He awaits the winner of Bev Cardo v. Hovis.

Day 3

The singles blocks finished today. In Championship Singles, the top twelve players by block record advanced to the double-elimination "face-off" bracket, the four top seeds earning a bye to the second round. Paul Bennett won the battle of the brothers, and the other first-round matches also went to form.

In First Flight Singles, the top eight players by block record advanced to the double-elimination bracket. The top four seeds all advanced through the first round. Paul Neubecker remains the player to beat—after six games he remains undefeated with a +60 net points advantage, including three peg-outs.

Day 2

After four rounds of Championship Singles, Cumming and Cardo lead the tally on four wins each. First Flight Singles saw three rounds today; Cardo, Neubecker, and Steiner remain undefeated.

Day 1

Today's play ends with five pairs in Championship Doubles on winning records and assured of spots in the ladder. Only one round remains in block play, but all seven other pairs still have a chance to reach the ladder. First Flight Doubles is less than halfway through a double-round-robin.

Playoff brackets

Block standings

Championship Singles

Twelve players have advanced to the double-elimination ladder.

D. Huneycutt26-1026-118-1926-525-1517-1526-4
P. Bennett10-2626-626-213-1726-418-1117-18
M. White1-266-2616-1720-2118-1222-826-3
S. Hettler19-182-2617-1612-1618-1318-1926-12
C. Helms5-2617-1321-2016-1215-1013-1226-6
B. Hartmann15-254-2612-1813-1810-1516-1414-12
A. Olsen15-1711-188-2219-1812-1314-1620-14
J. Schoo4-2618-173-2612-266-2612-1414-20
1D. Huneycutt6/7, +95, 164
2C. Helms6/7, +14, 113
3P. Bennett4/7, +52, 136
4S. Hettler4/7, -8, 112
5M. White3/7, -4, 109
6A. Olsen2/7, -19, 99
7B. Hartmann2/7, -44, 84
8J. Schoo1/7, -86, 69
J. Soo26-1726-310-1913-1226-1219-826-4
D. Grimsley17-2616-1426-1022-512-1426-526-6
R. Sheely3-2614-1617-1414-719-1114-1315-8
D. Ekstrom19-1010-2614-1716-1818-2023-1118-12
C. Uhlman12-135-227-1418-1620-1215-814-13
R. Lassiter12-2614-1211-1920-1812-2015-1615-8
C. Chaney8-195-2613-1411-238-1516-1515-14
S. Grassbaugh4-266-268-1512-1813-148-1514-15
1J. Soo6/7, +71, 146
2D. Grimsley5/7, +65, 145
3R. Sheely5/7, +1, 96
4C. Uhlman4/7, -7, 91
5D. Ekstrom3/7, +4, 118
6R. Lassiter3/7, -20, 99
7C. Chaney2/7, -50, 76
8S. Grassbaugh0/7, -64, 65
B. Cumming5-2026-726-418-1526-426-226-8
R. Cardo20-518-726-617-1017-1212-1016-10
R. Curtis7-267-1817-421-1214-1810-918-17
D. Sullivan4-266-264-1723-514-118-1020-9
B. Rinaman15-1810-1712-215-2318-2312-1113-15
G. Bennett4-2612-1718-1411-1423-1812-722-9
R. Watson2-2610-129-1010-811-127-129-16
R. Darnell8-2610-1617-189-2015-139-2216-9
1R. Cardo7/7, +66, 126
2B. Cumming6/7, +93, 153
3G. Bennett4/7, -3, 102
4R. Curtis4/7, -10, 94
5D. Sullivan3/7, -25, 79
6R. Darnell2/7, -40, 84
7R. Watson1/7, -38, 58
8B. Rinaman1/7, -43, 85

First Flight Singles

Eight players have advanced to the double-elimination ladder.

B. Cardo7-1114-1118-1616-519-5
J. Steiner11-716-69-1112-1013-9
H. Menzel11-146-1615-148-1413-9
Y. Sullivan16-1811-914-1512-1112-8
J. Helms5-1610-1214-811-1212-7
M. Karel5-199-139-138-127-12
1B. Cardo4/5, +26, 74
2J. Steiner4/5, +18, 61
3Y. Sullivan3/5, +4, 65
4J. Helms2/5, -3, 52
5H. Menzel2/5, -14, 53
6M. Karel0/5, -31, 38
P. Neubecker20-1526-1013-1218-1726-10
R. Eccles15-2021-1213-1715-1622-11
M. Ekstrom10-2612-2111-1411-1821-9
J. Priest12-1317-1314-118-2019-9
B. Hovis17-1816-1518-1120-814-11
K. Karel10-2611-229-219-1911-14
1P. Neubecker5/5, +39, 103
2B. Hovis4/5, +22, 85
3J. Priest3/5, +4, 70
4R. Eccles2/5, +10, 86
5M. Ekstrom1/5, -23, 65
6K. Karel0/5, -52, 50

Championship Doubles

Eight pairs have advanced to the double-elimination ladder.

R. Cardo & D. Huneycutt26-220-1321-915-1416-15
P. Bennett & G. Bennett2-269-2016-1421-515-13
R. Sheely & C. Uhlman13-2020-98-2613-1416-15
R. Lassiter & M. White9-2114-1626-826-726-2
C. Chaney & B. Rinaman14-155-2114-137-2611-13
B. Cardo & S. Grassbaugh15-1613-1515-162-2613-11
1R. Cardo & D. Huneycutt5/5, +45, 98
2R. Lassiter & M. White3/5, +47, 101
3P. Bennett & G. Bennett3/5, -15, 63
4R. Sheely & C. Uhlman2/5, -14, 70
5B. Cardo & S. Grassbaugh1/5, -26, 58
6C. Chaney & B. Rinaman1/5, -37, 51
B. Cumming & J. Soo25-1126-519-1826-426-5
R. Curtis & D. Grimsley11-2523-815-1718-816-13
D. Ekstrom & S. Hettler5-268-2314-1615-1419-16
C. Helms & D. Sullivan18-1917-1516-1415-1318-14
R. Darnell & A. Olsen4-268-1814-1513-1511-15
B. Hartmann & J. Schoo5-2613-1616-1914-1815-11
1B. Cumming & J. Soo5/5, +79, 122
2C. Helms & D. Sullivan4/5, +9, 84
3R. Curtis & D. Grimsley3/5, +12, 83
4D. Ekstrom & S. Hettler2/5, -34, 61
5B. Hartmann & J. Schoo1/5, -27, 63
6R. Darnell & A. Olsen0/5, -39, 50

First Flight Doubles

Double-round-robin, with the top two pairs advancing to the final.

R. Eccles & J. Steiner15-1414-1312-612-7
M. Ekstrom & P. Neubecker14-1510-1716-1223-12
B. Hovis & H. Menzel13-1417-1012-1319-10
J. Helms & Y. Sullivan6-1212-1613-1214-12
K. Karel & M. Karel7-1212-2310-1912-14
R. Eccles & J. Steiner10-1711-1412-1322-6
M. Ekstrom & P. Neubecker17-1012-1518-1416-10
B. Hovis & H. Menzel14-1115-1219-1612-11
J. Helms & Y. Sullivan13-1214-1816-1916-13
K. Karel & M. Karel6-2210-1611-1213-16
1B. Hovis & H. Menzel6/8, +24, 121
2M. Ekstrom & P. Neubecker5/8, +21, 126
3R. Eccles & J. Steiner5/8, +18, 108
4J. Helms & Y. Sullivan4/8, -10, 104
5K. Karel & M. Karel0/8, -53, 81






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