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2019 Blaine Davis Invitational

February 28 – March 3, Boca Grande, Florida

The Blaine Davis Invitational Tournament was held on three croquet courts at the Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande, Florida. Previously known as the Boca Grade Invitational, it was re-named to honor Blaine Davis, who instituted the tournament and who has been the driving force behind it through all these yars.

The setting was ideal: three smooth, green lawns set by a model clubhouse overlooking the fairways of the golf course, with the Gulf of Mexico for a background.

The tournament was divided into three flights, with Championship having eight players, first flight six, and second flight five. Two days of block play led to weekend play in double-elimination ladders.

Championship block play saw Bob Worrell take all six games, followed by Matt Griffith with four. Following completion of block play after two days, the players were seeded into a double-elimination ladder. There was some very strategic play and well aimed strokes, with Jackie Jones and Bob Worrell falling by the wayside, and Webster Bull and Matt Griffith playing it out to the final game. In a close and very interesting game Webster edged out Matt 16-15 to take the trophy.

First flight had seven players. Block play saw Roni Brazell leading the pack, with Scott Kennedy and Sheila Davis close behind. The ladder saw Roni go down quickly, with Bob Bake, Sheila and Scott fighting for the trophy. Sheila took third with Scott Kennedy taking the trophy from Bob’s grasp.

Second flight consisted of five eager players determined to take home a trophy. Arlene Stevens and Rita McNamara took the #1 and #2 spots out of the block. In short, they also took the honors in the ladder play, with Rita edging out Arlene for the “big” trophy.

As usual, the social side was well done, under the direct supervision of Oakley Johnson and Bob Worrell. An opening get-together after play on Thursday gave us a chance to tell croquet stories of the day and to taste the spirits as well as goodies. Friday night the Inn outdid itself, with a choice of filet or salmon plus all the fixings. Their key lime pie served at the final Sunday brunch, is uniquely different and delicious.

Saturday, we watched the sun go down into the Gulf of Mexico at the Boca Bay beach house, with drink in hand, and tables of hors d’oeuvres.

Sunday we all gathered together to see the series of games leading to the finals at 11:00 AM. We finished off the day with a wonderful luncheon in the Pelican Room at the Inn. Blaine Davis presented the trophies to all the deserving players (and added a few comments about the history of the tournament).

Fred Jones,
Tournament Director

Final Order

Championship Flight

  1. Webster Bull
  2. Matt Griffith
  3. David Ekstrom
  4. Arthur Olsen
  5. Jackie Jones
  6. Bob Worrell
  7. Oakley Johnson
  8. Kelly Newton

First Flight

  1. Scott Kennedy
  2. Bob Bake
  3. Sheila Davis
  4. Martie Ekstrom
  5. Roni Brazell
  6. Simon Eccles

(DNF: Chuck Perry)

Second Flight

  1. Rita McNamara
  2. Arlen Stevens
  3. Laurien Trowell
  4. Chris Smith
  5. Jim Mclaughlin






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