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2019 Westhampton Mallet Club Invitational

June 20–23, Westhampton Beach, New York

There was an interesting twist in the finals of the 2019 Westhampton Mallet Club Invitational. The twelve players in Championship Flight had handicaps ranging from -3 (Randy Cardo) to +3 (Beverly Cardo),  with eleven players having handicaps below 0. For four days the players battled long and hard in the heat and the rain. In the end it all came down to family and the emerging women power on the courts.

In the semifinals Beverly Cardo faced off with Tim Bitting, a veteran championship player. On the same court Jodi Rugart, 2018 top female player and Tim’s sister in law, took on Randy Cardo, the 2017 and '18 Grand Prix winner. Both games were exciting and suspenseful with all players making long breaks and few if any tactical errors. At the end of the 90 minutes Randy prevailed over Jodi and Beverly defeated Tim.

For the first time in WMC history a husband and wife faced off to see who would take the Championship. With Danny Hunneycutt refereeing and Carla Rueck handling the deadness board the players took to the field. It was an amazing game with both players showing off their croquet skills. The score seesawed back and forth. In the end Randy took top honors. Everyone went away with the feeling that this was just the first of many times that these two players will be facing each other in final games.

Championship Singles

  1. Randy Cardo
  2. Bev Cardo
  3. Jodie Rugart
  4. Tim Bitting
  5. David Ekstrom
  6. Bob Chilton
  7. Conner Helms
  8. Conrad Rugart
  9. Dick Sullivan
  10. David Isaacs
  11. Arthur Olsen
  12. Preston Stuart

First Flight Singles

  1. Victoria Albrecht
  2. Edward Erlich
  3. Dick Boger
  4. Dick Carlson
  5. Jeanne Branthover
  6. Yen Sullivan

Second Flight Singles

  1. John Grabow
  2. Missy Chilton
  3. Sally McGrath
  4. Jane Helms
  5. Lovejoy Duryea
  6. Carla Rueck
  7. Martie Ekstrom
  8. Quinn Reinhardt
  9. Karen Heckman
  10. Nancy Reynolds

Third Flight Singles

  1. Linda Trifone
  2. David Kepner
  3. Anne Carr
  4. Jim Tiberg
  5. Alan Lazarescu
  6. Mary Cassidy
  7. Terry Cassidy
  8. David Beccia

Championship Waterford Doubles

  1. Randy Cardo
  2. Conner Helms
  3. David Isaacs
  4. Edward Erlich
  5. Tim Bitting
  6. David Ekstrom
  7. Jodie Rugart
  8. Dick Sullivan
  9. Preston Stuart
  10. Dick Boger
  11. Bev Cardo
  12. Victoria Albrecht
  13. Dick Carlson
  14. Bob Chilton

First Flight Waterford Doubles

  1. Linda Trifone
  2. Jane Helms
  3. Yen Sullivan
  4. Karen Heckman
  5. Sally McGrath
  6. Kelso Sutton
  7. Bobby Duryea
  8. Martie Ekstrom
  9. Jim Tiberg
  10. Lovejoy Duryea
  11. Missy Chilton
  12. John Grabow
  13. Anne Carr
  14. Nancy Reynolds

Second Flight Waterford Doubles

  1. Mary Cassidy
  2. Freaar Pollard
  3. Alan Lazarescu
  4. Gerald Geddes
  5. Terry Cassidy
  6. Eileen Cornacchia
  7. David Kepner
  8. Susan Wagner
  9. Hildegard Jones
  10. Colleen Rogers
  11. Pam Walker
  12. David Beccia






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