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2019 USCA Southeast Regional Association Croquet

For complete scores see the listing for the tournament.

September 11–13, Chesapeake Croquet Club, Hartfield, VA

SE Regional winners: John Priest, Arthur Olsen, Macey White, Lee Jorde (L to R)

Ten players competed for the 2019 Southeast Regional Association Croquet championship on September 11-13. Two of the players, Cameron James from Ohio and John Priest from Virginia, were playing in their first ever AC tournament. All players went to a single round-robin and the top 5 went to a Championship Flight playoff and the bottom 5 went to a 1st Flight playoff.

In Championship Flight, Gene Raymond beat Rodney Lassiter to make it to the semis where he lost to Macey White. Lee Jorde defeated Rick Darnell in the other semi game. Macey White bested Lee Jorde in the finals.

In 1st Flight, newcomer Cameron James upset Marty Karel to make it to the semis where he lost in a close game to John Priest. In the other semi, Karin Karel lost by 1 point to Arthur Olsen. Arthur Olsen beat John Priest in the finals by one hoop.

Championship Singles

  1. Macey White
  2. Lee Jorde
  3. Gene Raymond
  4. Rick Darnell
  5. Rodney Lassiter

First Flight Singles

  1. Arthur Olsen
  2. John Priest
  3. Karin Karel
  4. Cameron James
  5. Marty Karel






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