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2019 Solomon Trophy

September 30 – October 4, Pinehurst Resort & County Club, Pinehurst, NC

For complete scores see the listing for the tournament.

For video, see Simon Jenkins’s page.


Team GB: Burridge, Suter, Patel (Captain), Reeve, Giraud, Powe

Giraud and Burridge added the final points for GB, completing a massive comeback from 6-9 down to retain the Solomon Trophy 11-9. With the test match decided and daylight nearly gone, the remaining doubles match, tied game-all, will not be completed.

It is USA’s third-ever best performance in the Solomon Trophy. In the final tally USA actually led on games won, 28-25. But looked at another way, this meant GB strongly outperformed USA in matches that went to a third game, winning 7 of 9 of those. USA had 15 triple peels (one of them a losing TPO) to GB’s 8.


Reeve added another win for GB, to tie the final singles round and the test match.


Suter and Burridge have posted wins over Lawrence and Rothman to bring GB back to 8-9 down in the test match.

DAY 4, 3:30 PM: USA LEADS 9-6

Huneycutt (USA) added another point to the USA total, beating Powe (GB) in straight games. USA needs two more wins out of the remaining six matches to reclaim the Solomon Trophy. All six matches, three of which are currently in play, are tied game-all.

DAY 4, 2:30 PM: USA TAKES 8-6 LEAD

Matthew Essick and Zack Watson each posted straight-games wins to give USA an 8-6 lead. Four matches are still in play in the second singles round; USA leads in one of them and the other three are tied game-all. The three matches unfinished from earlier in the week are also tied game-all.

Rothman & Morgan (USA) relax after Day 3

Day 3

Huneycutt leveled against Giraud in one of the unfinished singles matches, then play continued with the final doubles round. Reeve and Mark Suter (GB) beat Huneycutt and Watson, finishing with a Suter triple. The other two matches went to game-all. Having lost the first game against Samir Patel and Jonathan Powe (GB), Morgan and Rothman won the match on successive triples by Rothman, tying the test match at 6-all.

The stage is set for a dramatic final day. All three of the unfinished matches are tied at game-all. The final singles round of six matches is unlikely to decide the test, so those unfinished matches could be decisive.

Day 2

Triples all round as Watson recorded his second test-match triple to tie the test match at 2-all, while teammates Essick and Stephen Morgan each tripled to level their matches. But GB closed out one match with a Mark Suter triple, then survived a Ben Rothman (USA) TPO to win the other. Thus the two teams were tied 8-all on games won, but GB led the test 4-2.

USA countered with a solid start to the first singles round. Rothman and Watson each won in straight games. Essick recovered from a game 1 loss to Suter to win 2-1 in a match with three triple peels. Duncan Reeve (GB) beat Stuart Lawrence (USA). With only four lawns available, the remaining singles matches had late starts, and the day ended with the test match tied 5-all, with Alain Giraud (GB) leading Danny Huneycutt (USA) 1-0, and Ian Burridge (GB) tied 1-1 with Morgan.

Stephen Morgan (USA) in play on Day 1

Day 1

USA started well, winning game 1 in two of three matches in the first doubles round. USA’s Matthew Essick and Stuart Lawrence won their match 2-0. Both of the other matches went to game 3, GB winning both to start with a 2-1 lead in the test. Play continued with the start of the second doubles round, GB taking a 1-0 lead in two matches. But Team USA were able to celebrate rookie Zack Watson’s triple peel to take the lead in the third match.






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