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2020 Chesapeake Bay One-Day Tournaments

May 30–31, Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club, Hartfield, VA

Complete scores: American Six-Wickert; Golf Croquet.

Like the great 1960’s song performed by Dinah Washington “What a difference a day made”, what a difference a day of croquet made to the 28 players who participated in the May 30 & 31 one-day events at Chesapeake Bay. The late May weather in Virginia was wonderful and these ”twenty-four little hours”, brought the sun and the flowers, where there used to be rain” and 6 of the 28 players chose to camp out. Tyler Hathaway even flew to the tournament in a gyroplane. The biggest difference this day made for most is that they haven’t been playing much and this was a great opportunity to get out in the sun and have some great croquet fun!

Saturday was one full day of American 6-Wicket croquet. There were two flights with 12 players in Championship Flight and 9 players in First Flight. Both flights were played by the Swiss-Format (see article about Swiss-Format in the most recent copy of Croquet News magazine). All players played 4 games and the championship flight was dominated by former National Champion Doug Grimsley. Doug was challenged by top notch player Adam Lassiter in a great dueling finish. Adam is an example of a very good player who benefits well from the one-day format. Adam works a fulltime job and raises a family and has a hard time getting away for longer tournaments.

First Flight on Saturday had a wide variety of skill levels. Experienced player Bo Prillaman was the highest ranked player and there were several players who were playing in their first tournament ever. Good sportsmanship prevailed and when there was a big mismatch in experience, the more experienced players coached the less experienced opponents and the games became educational. Bo won the flight in an exciting final game against a very good Doug Murphy.

On Sunday, May 31, everyone played golf croquet. There were 22 players on Sunday and all 22 played in the Championship flight. Half of the players were playing in their first ever sanctioned GC tournament. Everyone played 5 games. A few new stars rose to the top on May 31. The favorites going into the tournament were Charles Fleming, a St John’s grad with a 2400 DGrade who had never lost a tournament GC game, and Macey White with a 2240 DGrade who made the USA team last year. Macey was bumped out of contention in a close 7-6 match with Charles Fleming and Charles was bumped out in the next to last round by the tournament winner Rick Darnell. Rick won several games 7-6, including the finals match against up and coming star Bill Simmons.

American Six-Wicket Championship Singles

  1. Doug Grimsley
  2. Adam Lassiter
  3. John Priest
  4. Lee Jorde
  5. Rich Laging
  6. Rick Darnell
  7. Gil Rocha
  8. Peter Woolley
  9. Tyler Hathaway
  10. Rodney Lassiter
  11. Steve Thurston
  12. Macey White

American Six-Wicket First Flight Singles

  1. Bo Prillaman
  2. Doug Murphy
  3. Linda Bowers
  4. Pete Bowers
  5. Billy Simmons
  6. Russ Brudnicki
  7. Sheryl Phillips
  8. Suzanne Laging
  9. Kate Foster

Golf Croquet Singles

  1. Rick Darnell
  2. Bill Simmons
  3. Macey White
  4. John Priest
  5. Steve Thurston
  6. Rich Laging
  7. Leo Viens
  8. Lyle Browning
  9. Charles Fleming
  10. Doug Murphy
  11. Bo Prillaman
  12. Mike Moore
  13. Linda Bowers
  14. Pete Bowers
  15. Pam Viens
  16. Peter Woolley
  17. Suzanne Laging
  18. Russ Brudnicki
  19. Penn Pendleton
  20. Kate Foster
  21. Dot Simmons
  22. AB Gravatt






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