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USCA Member Contacts

You're invited to call or e-mail any of the following USCA members around the United States, Canada, and Bermuda who have agreed to make themselves accessible to inquiries from the public.

If you're interested in Special Olympics, contact Bobbi Shorthouse, 8606081222.

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United States of America

Alabama:  Arthur Bagby III, 2059673301
Alaska:  Gary L. Anderson, 3603731795
Arizona:  Paul T. Bennett, 6029568966
Arkansas:  Stuart L. Brodsky, 8702105041
California – Northern:  Michael Orgill, 7075857819
California – Southern:  Jim Butts, 7603289482
Colorado:  Ronald L. Eccles, 7209372056
Connecticut:  John Hoffman, 2036616066
Connecticut – Special Olympics:  Bobbi Shorthouse, 8606081222
Delaware:  Karin Karel, 3026562553
District of Columbia:  Rodney Calver, 4108670434
Florida – Central & Western:  Gary Anderson, 3525685099
Florida – Keys:  Ron Huxtable, 3864477894
Florida – Northeastern:  Ron Huxtable, 3864477894
Florida – Palm Beach & Northern:  Ron Huxtable, 3864477894
Florida – Southeastern:  Derek Wassink, 9544392218
Florida – West Indies:  Flavia Logie, 3407198181
Georgia:  John Donohue, 9126359150
Hawaii:  Bruno Amby, 8085596436
Idaho:  Jim Hanks, 7075730956
Illinois:  Jeff Lee, 7085791180
Indiana:  Russell S. Dilley, 3179036852
Iowa:  Deborah Millican, 8167658396
Kansas:  Dylan Goodwin, 9133857038
Kentucky:  Brian D. Hovis, 6066940330
Louisiana:  George Cochran, 2257696586
Maine:  Patricia Spratt, 8604342954
Maryland:  Rodney Calver, 4108670434
Massachusetts:  Robert Kroeger, 6174133316
Michigan:  David Theiste, 6164467930
Minnesota:  Richard Sheely, 9522705754
Mississippi:  Mark Fields, 6018565059
Missouri:  Deborah Millican, 8167658396
Montana:  Jim Hanks, 7075730956
Nebraska:  Deborah Millican, 8167658396
Nevada:  Ronald L. Eccles, 7209372056
New Hampshire:  James McLaughlin, 6034335382
New Jersey:  Thomas Cooper, 6093067669
New Mexico:  Paul T. Bennett, 6029568966
New York – Central:  Francis Palasieski, 7173794511
New York – City:  Timothy Rapuano, 2018870787
New York – Long Island:  Justin Berbig, 8456160769
New York – Western:  Paul Neubecker, 7163596018
North Carolina – Eastern:  Mike Taylor, 9102556368
North Carolina – Western:  Michael Albert, 9413761200
North Dakota:  Deborah Millican, 8167658396
Ohio:  Jennifer Joseph, 6144498282
Oklahoma:  Pat Garner, 9186296674
Oregon:  Steve Scalpone, 5035505669
Pennsylvania:  John Goldener, 4847165896
Rhode Island:  Sean Hartley, 2125955263
South Carolina:  Richard Watson, 8036493835
South Dakota:  Deborah Millican, 8167658396
Tennessee:  Macey W. White, 8046949771
Texas:  John O. Brown, 7138761508
Utah:  Ronald L. Eccles, 7209372056
Vermont:  Ephraim E. Shulman, (no phone)
Virginia:  Bo Prillaman, 8047611237
Washington:  Gary L. Anderson, 3603731795
West Virginia:  Whickey Knight, 3046451127
Wisconsin:  Cheryl Bromley, 9542428601
Wyoming:  Ronald L. Eccles, 7209372056


Eastern:  Dave Lewis, 2892136530
Western:  Brian Wasylyk, 2509233544


John Young III, 4412387308


Paul T. Bennett, 6029568966




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