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United States Croquet Hall of Fame

The United States Croquet Hall of Fame was established in 1979 by the Croquet Foundation of America to recognize those that have, over an extended period of time, made extraordinary efforts on behalf of the sport, either through playing skill, sportsmanship, or contributions off the court — or some combination. The United States Croquet Hall of Fame is located at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Chronological Listing (induction)


Alphabetical Listing (last name)

Year Inductee(s)
2018 Ben Hunter Rothman
Eugene F. “Gene” Young
2017 Digby Bridges
2016 Damon Bidencope
Albert J. "Bert" Myer, V
2015 Shereen Hayes
Michael Orgill
Stephen C. Johnston
2014 W. David McCoy
Ervand M. "Erv" Peterson
2013 Charles Philip Lazarus
Anne Frost Robinson
Rhys Thomas
2012 John Milton “Jack” McMillin, Jr.
Johnny M. Mitchell
Ruth Summers
2011 Richard “Dick” Brackett
Richard G.“Rich” Curtis
Daniel J. “Dan” Mahoney III
2010 Alexander Ix
Dr. William “Bill” Luke
Margaret Mihlon
2009 All Hall of Fame members honored
2008 Diane Blow
Jackie C. Jones
2007 Robert Chilton
2006 John W. Curington
2005 Fred Jones
John C. “Johnny” Osborn
2004 William W. “Bill” Campbell
2003 Freeman A. “Bill” Berne
Billie Jean Berne
2002 Norma S. Truman
2001 Charles Paul “Chuck” Steuber
2000 Ray Bell
Reynold E. “Ren” Kraft
Jerry Stark
1999 Michael “Mike” Gibbons
Robert “Bob” Kroeger
1998 James H. U. “Jim” Hughes
1997 James B. “Jim” Miles
1996 John Donnell
Bill Hoy
Russ Ketcham
1995 Archie Burchfield
W. Ellery McClatchy
Stan Patmor
Forrest Tucker
1994 Rudolph E. “Foxy” Carter
1993 Peyton Ballenger
Mack Penwell
1992 Bob Clayton
Don Degnan
Lee A. Olsen
1991 Jean Arrington
Patricia Supper
1990 Al Heath
Jim Lyons
1989 Edmund A. “Teddy” Prentis, IV
S. Cortland Wood
1988 Cesare Danova
Ned Skinner
Frederick Supper
1987 Barton Gubelmann
Walter Gubelmann
1986 Tom McDonnell
1985 Hilda McMartin
Elizabeth “Libby” Newell
1984 Richard Pearman
J. Archie Peck
Catherine Tankoos
1983 Paul Butler
William O. Harbach
Jack Randall Osborn
Nelga Young
John Young
1982 Rauol Fleischmann
Jean Negulesco
Edmund A. “Ned” Prentis, III
Francis Tayloe
1981 George Abbott
Andrew Fuller
William “Bill” Hawks
Louis Jourdan
Frederick Schock, Jr.
Herbert Bayard Swope, Jr.
1980 John David Griffin
Howard Hawks
John Lavalle
Mary Sue McCulloch “Susie” Linden
Duncan McMartin
Lillian “Lil” Phipps
Richard Rogers
Michael Romanoff
George Sanders
Gig Young
1979 Margaret Emerson
Samuel Goldwyn
W. Averell Harriman
Moss Hart
Milton “Doc” Holden
George S. Kaufman
Arthur “Harpo” Marx
Dorothy Rodgers
Herbert Bayard Swope, Sr.
Joseph Tankoos
Alexander Wolcott
Darryl Zanuck
Inductee Year
George Abbott 1981
Jean Arrington 1991
Peyton Ballenger 1993
Ray Bell 2000
Billie Jean Berne 2003
Freeman A. “Bill” Berne 2003
Damon Bidencope 2016
Diane Blow 2008
Richard “Dick” Brackett 2011
Digby Bridges 2017
Archie Burchfield 1995
Paul Butler 1983
William W. “Bill” Campbell 2004
Rudolph E. “Foxy” Carter 1994
Robert Chilton 2007
Bob Clayton 1992
John W. Curington 2006
Richard G.“Rich” Curtis 2011
Cesare Danova 1988
Don Degnan 1992
John Donnell 1996
Margaret Emerson 1979
Rauol Fleischmann 1982
Andrew Fuller 1981
Michael “Mike” Gibbons 1999
Samuel Goldwyn 1979
John David Griffin 1980
Barton Gubelmann 1987
Walter Gubelmann 1987
William O. Harbach 1983
W. Averell Harriman 1979
Moss Hart 1979
Howard Hawks 1980
William “Bill” Hawks 1981
Shereen Hayes 2015
Al Heath 1990
Milton “Doc” Holden 1979
Bill Hoy 1996
James H. U. “Jim” Hughes 1998
Alexander Ix 2010
Stephen C. Johnston 2015
Fred Jones  2005
Jackie C. Jones 2008
Louis Jourdan 1981
George S. Kaufman 1979
Russ Ketcham 1996
Reynold E. “Ren” Kraft 2000
Robert “Bob” Kroeger 1999
John Lavalle 1980
Charles Philip Lazarus 2013
Mary Sue McCulloch “Susie” Linden 1980
Dr. William “Bill” Luke 2010
Jim Lyons 1990
Daniel J. “Dan” Mahoney III 2011
Arthur “Harpo” Marx 1979
W. Ellery McClatchy 1995
W. David McCoy 2014
Tom McDonnell 1986
Duncan McMartin 1980
Hilda McMartin 1985
John Milton “Jack” McMillin, Jr. 2012
Margaret Mihlon 2010
James B. “Jim” Miles 1997
Johnny M. Mitchell 2012
Albert J. "Bert" Myer, V 2016
Jean Negulesco 1982
Elizabeth “Libby” Newell 1985
Lee A. Olsen 1992
Michael Orgill 2015
Jack Randall Osborn 1983
John C. “Johnny” Osborn 2005
Stan Patmor 1995
Richard Pearman 1984
J. Archie Peck 1984
Mack Penwell 1993
Ervand M. "Erv" Peterson 2014
Lillian “Lil” Phipps 1980
Edmund A. “Teddy” Prentis, IV 1989
Edmund A. “Ned” Prentis, III 1982
Anne Frost Robinson 2013
Dorothy Rodgers 1979
Richard Rogers 1980
Michael Romanoff 1980
Ben Hunter Rothman 2018
George Sanders 1980
Frederick Schock, Jr. 1981
Ned Skinner 1988
Jerry Stark 2000
Charles Paul “Chuck” Steuber 2001
Ruth Summers 2012
Frederick Supper 1988
Patricia Supper 1991
Herbert Bayard Swope, Jr. 1981
Herbert Bayard Swope, Sr. 1979
Joseph Tankoos 1979
Catherine Tankoos 1984
Francis Tayloe 1982
Rhys Thomas 2013
Norma S. Truman 2002
Forrest Tucker 1995
Alexander Wolcott 1979
S. Cortland Wood 1989
Eugene F. “Gene” Young 2018
Gig Young 1980
John Young 1983
Nelga Young 1983
Darryl Zanuck 1979




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