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Rudolph E. “Foxy” Carter

Rudulph E. “Foxy” Carter

Foxy was many things to many people in the croquet world. Friend. Partner. Mentor. Host. Leader. Arbiter of Style. Competitor. Entertainer. Facilitator. Appreciator. Benefactor. Above all, he was gracious, hospitable and a true sportsmen. He was the quintessence of the game of croquet. If you knew Foxy, you unquestionably wore whites on the court, a jacket to dinner, and never forgot to say "thank you" to people who did things for you. You always had a good time in his company. You sang happy birthday to the dog; used his electronic, illuminated peppermill; stood up and gave a toast at dinner; giggled through Barton's "Prinderella", did the refrain to Linda Lindh's I'm a Country Girl, and helped Mary with the pig races.

You drove around Newport a lot. You tried to emulate his follow through. You helped locate his errant briefcase — dozens of times; bought dozens of tickets to wicket shoots, ate dozens of little hamburgers, drank too much gin, and had hundreds of tet-a-tetes about croquet-this and croquet-that. There's no question he left his mark on our game: Foxy wickets … croquet at the Casino … croquet art in Newport … good times in New England … a revitalized, more inclusive USCA … a strong U.S. presence in international croquet. And civility on a world-class scale.

Rudulph E. “Foxy” Carter was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1994.




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