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How the American Point System Works

As of 1 September 2013, the following new tracking points schedule is in effect.

Handicaps are based on a point system. Players competing in sanctioned singles events will score points (plus or minus) based upon the results of each individual match. When a player accumulates a plus or minus of 28 points total, a handicap change should occur. Plus points indicate a lowering of handicap; minus points indicate an increase in handicap. To be eligible for a handicap change, players must play in at least one USCA sanctioned singles event per year. If they do not, their handicap will be listed as inactive. If inactivity continues for another year, they will be raised one handicap level. For a handicap to be lowered, a player must defeat a player of lower handicap at least once during the tracking period. The tracking period is the period from 0-28 points.

Level Play - Plus Points (handicap lowered)
A.  Higher handicap player defeats lower handicap player:
    1) 2 or more handicaps lower (6 defeats 4) +8
    2) 1-1/2 handicaps lower (5 defeats 3-1/2) +7
    3) 1 handicap lower (6 defeats 5) +6
    4) 1/2 handicap lower (1/2 defeats 0) +5
B. Defeat player of equal handicap (6 defeats 6) +4
C.  Defeat player of higher handicap:
    1) 1/2 handicap higher (0 defeats 1/2) +3
    2) 1 handicap higher (5 defeats 6) +2
    3) 1-1/2 to 2 handcaps higher (0 defeats 1-1/2) +1
    4) More than 2 handicaps higher (0 defeats 2-1/2) +0
Level Play - Minus Points (handicap increase)
D. Lose to player greater than 2 handicaps lower (4-1/2 loses to 2) –0
E. Lose to player 1/2 to 2 lower handicap (4 loses to 2) –1
F. Lose to player equal handicap (6 loses to 6) –4
G. Lose to player higher handicap (6 loses to 7) –4
Handicap (Bisque) Play - Plus Points
H.  Handicap difference is less than 5 (4 defeats 0) +2
I.  Handicap difference is 5 or more (6 defeats 0) +1
Handicap (Bisque) Play - Minus Points
J.  Handicap difference is less than 5 (4 loses to 0) –2
K.  Handicap difference is 5 or more (6 loses 0) –1

The following information also applies:

Handicaps from 20 to 5 change by whole numbers; below 5 handicaps change by half numbers.

Each number or half-number change requires 28 tracking points.

Handicaps may never be changed during a tournament, only at the conclusion of a tournament.  If at the end of a tournament a player has accumulated 28 points or multiples of 28 (i.e. 56, 84, etc.), since the player's last handicap change, his/her handicap will be lowered one or more steps for each 28 points, the residual points will be divided in half, and that number of tracking points will be carried over with the new handicap.  For accumulations of negative points, the above rules apply to raising a player’s handicap except no points are carried over with the new handicap.



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