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Selection Eights

Selection Committee  | Published on 7/21/2021
Players for the 2021 Selection Eights have been chosen. They are as follows:

First Eight
Matthew Essick
Ben Rothman
Zack Watson
Jeff Soo
Stephen Morgan
Brian Cumming
Stuart Lawrence
Sherif Abdelwahab
Second Eight
Rich Lamm
Damon Bidencope
Charles Xavier
Tom Balding
Shane Hettler
Doug Grimsley
Dan Pailas
Paul Bennett

Third Eight
Randy Cardo
Blake Fields
Chris Patmore
Jim Bast
Chris Barley
Steve Scalpone
Macey White
Peter Bach
Fourth Eight
Michael Albert
Patrick Sweeney
Johnny Mitchell
Gene Raymond
Michael Todorovich
Ron Eccles
Dawn Jupin
Lynda Sudderberg

Fifth Group
Jodie Rugart
Sandra Knuth
Mary Rodeberg
Steve Berry
Brett Stovall
Loretta Cooper
Beverly Cardo
Randy Reid
John Donohue
Todd Marshall
Sam Collins
David Ekstrom