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700 Florida Mango Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406
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Membership Categories

Listed below are the current membership categories of the USCA.  When deciding how to join, please review the various criteria and select the appropriate category.  If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Member benefits are listed below the membership categories.

Once you have determined the appropriate category, Click to Join.

Lifetime ($2,000)

This is a special category for our supporters who wish to join for life and make a further donation to the USCA.  Please contact us if you'd like to determine how much of this amount might be tax-deductible. 

Adult ($75)

This is the standard category for most players.  It is for individuals over the age of 25.  

Couple ($135)

The is the standard category for couples.  It is for adults living in the same household.  We offer this discount to encourage families to play.

Junior ($25)

This category is for people aged 25 and under.  The USCA encourages youth development and offers a discount at this level.

Student (Free)

This category is for full-time students who must show a current student ID.  Once verified, membership will be approved.  The student's school must be a registered school with the USCA.  If a student wishes to affiliate with a non-school club, they must pay the $25 multi-club fee. 

International ($90/$150)

This category is for individuals and couples living outside the United States. 

Club ($125)

This membership is for clubs.  You can create your own (see Start a Club) or be an existing club that wishes to join the USCA.  We encourage all club members to join in the appropriate categories.  Organizations in this category can choose to be listed in the public directory so they can be easily discovered by new potential players.

School (Free)

This membership is exclusively for schools and universities.  Your organization will require verification by our office staff.  Once verified and approved, there is no cost to remain in this category and we encourage all of your students to join for free as well.  

Additional Notes:
There are legacy categories for municipal members and honoraria.  These are unique situations and generally require special approval.  Please contact our office if you would like more information.

Once you've determined your appropriate category, click the button below to Join our amazing organization!

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Benefits of USCA Membership

When you're a member of the United States Croquet Association, you've joined a national organization, founded in 1977, dedicated to developing and promoting croquet as a serious sport in the United States, US territories, Canada, and Bermuda, and that represents the US in other international croquet associations. The USCA is your resource — just as it is for clubs, educational institutions, sports clubs, resorts, and other organizations, as well as the media — for learning about croquet: how it's played, where it's played, the equipment used, and how to participate, for fun or glory.

There are many tangible member benefits:
  • Official USCA Rule Book.
  • Able to compete in USCA sanctioned tournaments at the state, regional, and national level.
  • Eligibility for US National Team.
  • Assignment & tracking of handicap & Grand Prix rankings.
  • USCA Croquet News magazine.
  • Monthly e-newsletter.
  • Full time staff to answer questions & help new players find clubs.
  • Coordination of international events.
  • National network of croquet clubs.
  • Referee & Instructor training & certification.
  • Preferred pricing on USCA merchandise.

There are also many benefits to croquet clubs that join the USCA:

  • Official membership certificate.
  • Able to host USCA sanctioned tournaments.
  • Free club & event listings.
  • Access to traveling instructors.
  • Access to the USCA Development Fund for Youth programs & croquet instruction.
  • Equipment Rent-To-Own program for new clubs.
  • Suggest, promote, and assist with local club events.