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2024 USCA Southeast 6W Regional

Danny Huneycutt - TD | Published on 5/7/2024

USCA Southeast 6W Regional Championship

May 2-5, 2024
Pinehurst Country Club

Thirty-five players gathered on the beautiful lawns of the Pinehurst Resort to play in the 2024 American Rules Southeast Regional Tournament.  Except for spotty rain on Sunday, we had gorgeous weather.  The tournament was played on four manicured and fast lawns.  The tournament was ably organized and run by tournament director Danny Huneycutt and tournament manager Elaine Moody.

The field was divided into three flights with championship flight including 18 players, 12 of whom were handicap 0 or lower.  First flight handicaps ranged from 4.5 to 7, while second flight handicaps ranged from 9 to 13.  There were numerous highly contested matches in each flight.

Players had the opportunity to practice all day Wednesday, April 30th.  There was a courtside reception of beer and wine at the croquet pavilion Wednesday evening.  The tournament started with doubles Thursday morning followed by the opening rounds of singles’ block play in the afternoon.  Doubles and singles block play continued Friday.  We were treated to a delicious fajita and enchilada bar on the veranda of the Pinehurst Resort members’ club.

In championship flight, George Cochran dueled with Danny Huneycutt in one semi-final match while Adam Lassiter and Macey White challenged each other in the other semi-final match.  George and Adam met in the finals where Adam convincingly won his second consecutive Southeast Regional title.

Cecil Creasey and Jim Podraza took to the courts in one of the first flight semifinal matches while Danna Huneycutt and Gene Bryan faced off in the other semifinal match.  Cecil was victorious in the finals against Jim.

The semi-finals in second flight found Bill Lichtenberger pitted against Rocky Smith.  Dan Phelan and Elizabeth Robinson contested the other semifinal match.  Bill prevailed over Dan in the final game.

There were two flights in doubles. Championship flight had two blocks and first flight had one block.  As is customary in regional play, players selected their own partners.  The doubles games were lots of fun and quite entertaining.  Championship finals found Jay Hughes and Rodney Lassiter competing against Macey White and Bill Daigle.  Jay Hughes and Rodney Lassiter survived despite leaving Macey and Bill a four-ball break, with which they took one ball to the peg and advanced the other ball. 

In first flight doubles, Susan and Cecil Creasey managed a victory against James Podraza and Gene Bryan.

Cochran Lassiter

Championship Flight Singles - George Cochran, finalist with Danny Huneycutt and winner, Adam Lasssiter.

Creasey Huneycutt

First Flight Singles –Cecil Creasey, winner and Danna Huneycutt, finalist

Phelan Lichtenberger

Second Flight Singles – Dan Phelan, Finalist, and Bill Lichtenberger, Winner.


Hughes Lassiter

Championship Flight Doubles Winners – Jay Hughes and Rodney Lassiter with Danny Huneycutt

Susan Cecil Creasey

First Flight Doubles Winners – Susan and Cecil Creasey

Championship Singles
1. Adam Lassiter
2. George Cochran
3. Danny Huneycutt
3. Macey White
5. Mike Taylor
5. Mark Fields
5. Jay Hughes
5. Brian Zindel
9. James Spoonhour
9. Webster Bull
9. Brett Stovall
9. Edward Roberts
13. Robert Gannon
14. Rodney Lassiter
14. Dick Johnston
16. Linda Trifone
16. Joshua Lassiter
16. Stephen Errickson

First Flight Singles
1. Cecil Creasey
2. Danna Huneycutt
3. Gene Bryan
3. James Podraza
5. Teresa Errickson
5. Christine Smith
7. Mel Eckhart
8. Randy Lassiter

Second Flight Singles
1. William Lichtenberger
2. Daniel Phelan
3. Rocky Smith
3. Elizabeth Robinson
5. Susan Creasey
5. Janet Mullen
7. Mary-Stewart Regensburg
8. Hillary Lassiter
8. Elaine Smith

Championship Doubles
1. Rodney Lassiter & Jay Hughes
2. Macey White & Bill Daigle
3. Danny Huneycutt & Danna Huneycutt
3. George Cochran & Joshua Lassiter
5. Mike Taylor & James Spoonhour
5. Brett Stovall & Brian Zindel
7. Edward Roberts & Dick Johnston
7. Stephen Errickson & Teresa Errickson
9. Mark Fields & Linda Trifone
9. Adam Lassiter & Randy Lassiter
11. Webster Bull & Robert Gannon

First Flight Doubles
1. Cecil Creasey & Susan Creasey
2. James Podraza & Gene Bryan
3. Christine Smith & Mel Eckhart
3. Willaim Lichtenberger & Daniel Phelan
5. Mary Stewart Regensburg & Elizabeth Robinson
5. Rocky Smith & Elaine Smith
7. Hillary Lassiter & Janet Mullen