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2024 Western NC GC Open

Darin Guffey - TD | Published on 6/7/2024
Western North Carolina GC Open
June 7-9, 2024
Highlands Falls Croquet Association

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The Western North Carolina Golf Croquet Open was held June 7th-9th 2024 at Highlands Falls Country Club. This event hosted some of the most decorated and respected players in the game. The weekend was filled with exciting and truly exhilarating matches. The tournament was capped off with a riveting showdown between Edmund Fordyce and Brian Lozano. With over 100 spectators, the two played a thrilling match going to 3 games. Brian Lozano was able to hold off and defeat Fordyce in game 3 with a score of 7-6, becoming the Western North Carolina Golf Croquet Champion. Tom Balding dominated the plate and was crowned the plate winner.

Final Order

1. Brian Lozano
2. Edmund Fordyce
3. Sherif Abdelwahab
4. Chris Barley
5. Thomas Balding - Plate Winner
6. Jim Teel
7. Jeff Soo
8. Jim Jamison
9. Darin Guffey
10. Robb Turner
11. Dallas Denny
12. Gary Gamble
13. Hammond Rauers
14. Billie Ray
15. Peter Carlin
16. Dan Horton

DSC 1849
Plate Winner Tom Balding - Winner Brian Lazano - Runner-up
Edmund Fordyce - TD Darin Guffey