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2024 USCA Midwest 6W Regional

John Brown - TD | Published on 6/20/2024
USCA Midwest 6W Regional
June 20-23, 2024
Houston Croquet Association

Midwest Regional A6W - 2024 - Group

The USCA 2024 Midwest Regional American 6W Championship was played over the past several days on the remarkably lush and manicured croquet lawns of Memorial Park and the Bayou Club. This marks the first time this prestigious event has been played in Houston. 

Old foes squared off once again and new rivalries emerged as players gave it their best in four matches per day while temperatures hovered in the low 90s in this double elimination competition.

Our tournament was strongly represented by Houston Croquet Association members and attracted top players from Oklahoma, Louisiana, and California. Competition was divided into a championship flight and first flight.

HCA President John Brown took top honors in the championship flight in singles and runner-up in doubles. It was a nail-biter to the very end as Brown outmaneuvered skillful George Cochran of Baton Rouge in last ball.

Two HCA members rose to the top of the first flight in a dramatic series of three ball breaks and long distance "hit ins".  Kevin Fasano and Tish Peterkin wowed the spectators with their skills and meteoric rise to the top in their final showdown.  Fasano eventually prevailed and even won the first flight doubles competition with Debbie Hafner who happens to be his mother-in-law.

Congratulations to each of the players and victors! This USCA-sanctioned event automatically qualifies entrants to advance to the 2024 USCA American 6W Championship Tournament at the Chesapeake Croquet Club in Hartfield, Virginia October 6-12.

John Brown
John Brown Championship Singles
Winner - Champ Doubles Finalist

Kevin Fasano
Kevin Fasano First Flight Winner
First Flight Doubles Finalist

John Brown, George Cochran, Bob Hafner
George Cochran & Bob Hafner
Championship Doubles Winners

Rob Franks, Bill Sullivan, John Brown
Rob Franks & Bill Sullivan
First Flight Doubles Winners

Final Results

Championship Singles

1. John Brown
2. George Cochran
3. Bob Hafner
4. Donna Dixon
5. George Peterkin
6. Carl Archiniaco
7. John Craddock

First Flight Singles
1. Kevin Fasano
2. Tish Peterkin
3. Joe Leary
4. Bill Sullivan
5. Mary Craddock
6. Rob Franks

Championship Doubles
1. George Cochran & Bob Hafner
2. John Browm & Donna Dixon
3. John Craddock & George Peterkin

First Flight Doubles
1. Rob Franks & Bill Sullivan
2. Kevin Fasano & Debbie Hafner
3. Stuart Coco & Robecque Demark
4. Trish Peterkin & Mary Craddock