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2021 USCA Florida GC Regional

Cheryl Bromley | Published on 4/28/2021

USCA Florida Golf Croquet Regional Tournament Wrap-up

National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL

April 22 – 25, 2021


This popular event went through a number of changes during the planning stages, including being delayed from its regular dates in early January, to a change of venue, and finally was fortunate to find its place at the NCC in late April. 


The 8th annual USCA FL GC Regional registration filled up quickly as many players were very eager to get back onto the GC tournament circuit.  Between doubles and singles, a record 52 players participated and the weather, along with the competition, was sensational.


There was a noticeable groundswell of up-and-coming players whose games are rapidly improving and challenging anyone who dares to get in their way.


The first day of the event featured a doubles Knock-out and Compass Consolation in Championship and First flight.  Congratulations to the following doubles teams!


Championship Flight Doubles Champions:      Sherif Abdelwahab & Hal Denton

                                                      Finalists:      Macey White & John Warlick

                                                    3rd Place:      Cheryl Bromley & Steve Jackson

                                                Consolation:      Paul Fecteau & Tom Hankey


First Flight Doubles Champions:      Jeff Morrison & Clint Fowlkes

                                      Finalists:      Priscilla Flowers & Caryl Firth

                                    3rd Place:      Vicky Naranjo & Pamela Heyer

                                Consolation:      Bill & Laura Walker


The next three days were filled with singles matches as players were grouped into six blocks of eight players in three flights. After players played each person in their respective blocks, the top four players from each block moved into the Quarterfinals Knock-out and the remaining players in the blocks moved into the Plate competition.


For the first time ever in a Golf Croquet Regional, four of the eight players who battled in the Championship flight Knock-out were women!  Congrats ladies!


Courtesy of Tate and Cami Russack, a brand new custom Russack Mallet was auctioned off, along with various items from the USCA and NCC, with the proceeds going toward the new perpetual Florida GC Regional trophy.  A special thank you also to George Fiegel for creating the tournament awards for this year’s winners.


Congratulations to our 2021 Singles Champions!


Championship Flight

Champion - Macey White

Finalist - Billy Harper

Plate Winner – Bo Prillaman


First Flight

Champion – Clint Dawkins

Finalist – Vicky Naranjo

Plate Winner – Priscilla Flowers


Second Flight

Champion – Alex Galasso

Finalist – Kendall Hendrick

Plate Winner – Caryl Firth


James Creasey of Jiminy Wickets provided additional awards to new tournament players and this year a new Sportsmanship award category was created.


Congratulations to Tournament Sportswoman, Sheila Peterson and Sportsman, Tom Bown!


Submitted by, Tournament Director: Cheryl Bromley.  Complete results may be found on

Championship Singles                                                       

1. Macey White

2. Billy Harper

3. Jim Teel

3. Helen Covington

5. Sherif Abdelwahab

5. Cheryl Bromley

5. Lynda Sudderberg

5. Debbie Davidoff

9. Bo Prillaman

10. Rich Dell

11. James Creasey

11. Bill Simmons

13. Bill Trower

13. Steve Jackson

13. Ron Eccles

13. John Warlick


First Flight Singles

1. Clint Dawkins

2. Vicky Naranjo

3. Phil Emond

3. Jeff Morrison

5. Tate Russack

5. Tom Hankey
5. J. Billie Ray

5. Paul Fecteau

9. Priscilla Flowers

10. Thomas Howell

11. Tim Cavers

11. Mike Sexton

13. Gail Warlick

13. Clint Fowlkes

13. Hal Denton

13. Victor Fransen


Second Flight Singles

1. Alex Galasso

2. Kendall Hendrick

3. Dennis Howard

3. Laura Hendrick

5. Rosemarie Maccario

5. Mary Galasso

5. Cami Russack

5. Pam Heyer

9. Caryl Firth

10. Bill Walker

11. Debra Bradley

11. Earle Mauldin

13. Sheila Peterson

13. Tom Bown

13. Sue Emond

13. Sandy Howard


Championship Doubles

1. Sherif Abdelwahab & Hal Denton

2. Macey White & John Warlick

3. Cheryl Bromley & Steve Jackson

4. David McCoy & Tim Cavers

5. Jim Teel & Rich Dell

6. Clint Dawkins & Victor Fransen

7. Paul Fecteau & Tom Hankey

8. Helen Covington & Bill Simmons

9. Ron Eccles & James Creasey

10. Gail Warlick & Mike Sexton

11. Bill Trower & Lynda Sudderberg

12. Bo Prillaman & Billy Harper

13. Debie Davidoff & Earle Mauldin


First Flight Doubles

1. Jeff Morrison & Clint Fowlkes

2. Priscilla Flowers & Caryl Firth

3. Vicky Naranjo & Pam Heyer

4. Tom Bown & Rosemarie Maccario

5. Phil Emond & Sue Emond

6. Tate Russack & Cami Russack

7. Bill Walker & Laura Walker

8. Dennis Howard & Sandy Howard

9. Kendall Hendrick & Laura Hendrick

10. Alex Galasso & Mary Galasso

11. Thomas Howell & Cindy Howell

12. Debra Bradley & Allison Worthington