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2021 The Falls Spring Open

Onifer Wilmoth | Published on 5/13/2021

Highland Falls Country Club - Highlands, NC

Action_photo_1_180047768.JPG      Action_photo_2_110651952.JPG

The inaugural “The Falls Spring GC Open” was held May 13-15, 2021 at Highlands Falls Country Club, located in Highlands, NC.  The three day event showcased 24 singles players and 12 doubles teams from throughout the southeast.  The tournament consisted of championship flight and first flight divisions in both singles and doubles. 


In the singles event, each flight was broken into two blocks (Block A and B), for both championship and first flights.  Each player competed in five block play matches, with the winner of each block advancing to the flight championship.  For championship singles, Roy Gee went undefeated during block play, and Kent Lovvorn finished at 4-1 to advance to the finals.  After a hard fought back and forth match, Roy Gee finished the tournament singles undefeated, winning the championship trophy with a final score of 7-6.


First flight singles was formatted the same as championship flight.  Clint Dawkins advanced to the championship match by finishing a perfect 5-0 and faced Geoff Hargadon who finished block play with a 4-1 record.  The first flight singles championship also produced another close match, with Clint Dawkins winning the trophy with a final score of 7-5.


On the doubles side of the tournament, six teams participated in championship flight, with the additional six teams in first flight.  Again, each team played five block play matches.  In championship flight, Roy Gee and Kent Lovvorn teamed up to sweep through block play, finishing 5-0.  Close on their heels, were Jimmy Huff and Todd Russell, who finished 4-1, but took Gee and Lovvorn to a tie-breaker during block play.  The two teams rematched for the championship, where once again the match was decided on the 13th hoop.  In the end, Gee and Lovvorn proved too much to be beaten, winning 7-6.


In first flight doubles, two teams separated themselves from the rest of the pack.  Tom Guffey and Bill Walker went 5-0, and Don Eastman and Billie Ray finished 4-1, with their only loss coming to Guffey and Walker.  This also set up a rematch for the championship.  Don Eastman and Billie Ray started fast and jumped out to an early lead.  Guffey and Walker fought back to get the game to 5-6, but ultimately, the team of Eastman and Ray prevailed and won the trophy, winning 7-5.

   Champ_Winner_Roy_Gee_1491226808.JPG       First_Flight_Winner_Clint_Dawkins_1101081614.JPG

       Jeff Soo (TD)    Roy Gee  Onifer Wilmoth              Jeff Soo (TD)   Clint Dawkins  Onifer Wilmoth

   Champ_Doubles_Winners_Kent_Lovvorn_Roy_Gee_1061617218.JPG       First_Flight_Doubles_Winners_J._Billie_Ray_Don_Eastman_1164051836.JPG
                   Kent Lovvorn & Roy Gee                                        J. Billie Ray & Don Eastman                    

Full tournament results are listed below:


Championship Doubles
1. Roy Gee & Kent Lovvorn
2. Jimmy Huff & Todd Russell
3. Gary Gamble & Jeff Baillis
4. Onifer Wilmoth & Mike Zuro
5. Dick Boger & Jim Teel
6. Chris Barley & Gail Barley

First Flight Doubles
1. Don Eastman & Billie Ray
2. Tom Guffey & Bill Walker
3. Jack Howard & Mary Carol Howard
4. Dennis Howard & Sandy Howard
5. Clint Dawkins & Dallas Denny
6. Kathie Gamble & Barbara Jamison

Championship Singles

1. Roy Gee
2. Kent Lovvorn
3. Chris Barley
4. Todd Russell
5. Dick Boger
6. Jimmy Huff
7. Billie Ray
=8. Jim Teel
=8. Gary Gamble
=8. Mike Zuro
=11. Jeff Baillis
=11. Don Eastman (DNF)

First Flight Singles
1. Clint Dawkins
2. Geoff Hargadon
3. Onifer Wilmoth
=4. Barbara Jamison
=4. Diane Walker
6. Jack Howard
=7. Jim Jamison
=7. Dennis Howard
9. Dallas Denny
10. John Walker
11. Gail Barley
12. Kathie Gamble

Respectfully submitted,


Onifer Wilmoth

Fitness/Croquet/Junior Camp Director

Highlands Falls Country Club