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2021 USCA Southeast Regional 6W

Macey White | Published on 6/10/2021

Southeast Regional American Rules
June 10-13, 2021

Pinehurst Croquet Club


The 2021 Southeast Regional American 6-Wicket Croquet Tournament was held June 10-13, 2021, at the beautiful Pinehurst Resort. The courts were in good shape and players of all flights came ready to play high-level croquet.

Cloudy skies prevailed through the tournament with occasional showers, but that did not disrupt play enough to get the tournament off of its heavy-play schedule. Forty-three players vied for championships in singles and doubles on four courts over four days. Play started each day at 8:00 a.m., and on some days, didn’t end until 7:00 p.m.

The doubles championship was contested on Thursday with 11 teams in Championship Flight and 10 teams in First Flight. Play was single elimination with consolation games for those who got bumped out early.

When the dust settled, Becky Essick and Danna Huneycutt edged out Randy Reid and Brian Zindel 13-12 in a nail biter that went down to the wire. Nail biters were the order of the day for winners Essick and Huneycutt, as they won their three games with a total of four net points. On the championship side, Bev Cardo carried her husband, Randy, to a four-point victory over the home town hotshots, Bill Daigle and John Knott.

Singles play was divided into three flights with round-robin play on Friday and Saturday, and everyone went to the singles playoffs on Sunday.

In Second Flight, Terry Hunt lost to Karen Heckman in the round robin but pulled out a well-fought victory in the playoff finals, winning 16-8.

In First Flight, Brett Stovall was a steamroller, winning all five games in the block and four games in the playoffs with only one close game (a one-point victory over Steve Thurston). Stovall won the finals against Elaine Moody 17-11. At the awards ceremony, someone in the crowd made a cry to put Stovall in Championship Flight. He will be in Championship Flight from now on!

Championship Flight was very strong in this tournament with 12 players having handicaps below zero. Handicaps in C Flight ranged form -0.5 to -4.0. Macey White and Mike Taylor both went undefeated in their flights but neither one made it to the playoff finals. The championship finals were a great back-and-forth slug fest between two of the best American 6-Wicket players in the country, Danny Huneycutt and Randy Cardo. Both players had great opportunities to run clean breaks and win, only to have misfortune intervene with missed hoop shots. The game ended with multiple overtimes tied at 11-11 highlighted with a number of failed, longish hoops shots. The game was won with a great strategic push at the end by Cardo who carved out a 12-11 victory.

Regional tournaments are not just a time for the best players to battle it out. They are also a great way for up-and-coming players to hone their skills and learn new strategies and techniques. The following players distinguished themselves with above-grade play, and as a result, their handicaps have gone down.

●        Rob Byrd went down to a -1.0

●        Brett Stovall went to a 0.0

●        Linda Trifone went to a 4.5

●        Steve Thurston went to a 5

●        Linda Pike went to a 10

●        Susan Creasey went to a 10

●        Teresa Errickson went to a 10

●        Rene White went to a 13

When you see these players, please congratulate them on their performances! All game results can be found on

Championship Singles

Championship Doubles

1. Randy Cardo

1. Randy Cardo & Beverly Cardo

2. Danny Huneycutt

2. Bill Daigle & John Knott

3. Mike Taylor

3. Danny Huneycutt & Rodney Lassiter

3. Rob Byrd

3. Jim Spoonhour & Mike Taylor

5. Beverly Cardo

5. Elaine Moody & Ed Roberts

5. Macey White

5. Rob Byrd & John Schoo

5. Jim Spoonhour

5. Mark Fields & Linda Trifone

5. Bill Daigle

9. Macey White & Steve Thurston

9. Ed Roberts

9. John Donohue & Brett Stovall

9. Mark Fields

9. Rich Watson & Rick Alderson

9. Rodney Lassiter

9. Jeanne Branthover & Vickie Johnston

9. John Knott




First Flight Singles

First Flight Doubles

1. Brett Stovall

1. Becky Essick & Danna Huneycutt

2. Elaine Moody

2. Brian Zindel & Randy Reid

3. Jeanne Branthover

3. Neville Boschert & Jim Watrous

3. Rich Watson

3. Karen Heckman & Tim Williams

5. Randy Reid

5. Jennifer Joseph & John Joseph

5. Jim Watrous

5. Terry Hunt & Norm Pike

5. Steve Thurston

5. Cecil Creasey & Susan Creasey

5. Steve Errickson

9. Steve Errickson & Teresa Errickson

9. John Donohue

9. Louis Mercuro & Rene White

9. Rick Alderson

9. Linda Pike & George Fiegel

9. Linda Trifone


9. Vickie Johnston


9. Danna Huneycutt


9. John Schoo


9. Brian Zindel


9. John Joseph


17. Becky Essick


17. Neville Boschert




Second Flight Singles


1. Terry Hunt


2. Karen Heckman


3. Linda Pike


3. Norm Pike


5. Cecil Creasey


5. Tim Williams


5. Jennifer Joseph


5. Susan Creasey


9. Teresa Errickson


9. Rene White


9. Louis Mercuro