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2021 Lake Carroll Independence Day Shootout

Roy Gee | Published on 7/1/2021

Lake Carroll Independence Day Shootout
July 1-4, 2021

Heated Croquet Tournament Spills into Sunday

(l to r) Todd Russell, Ben deGaris, Dick Boger, Allen Griffin, Michael Seale, Jimmy Huff,
Roy Gee, Gil Flowers, Bill Simmons, Kent Lovvorn

Competition was stiff this past weekend, causing croquet matches to run a day longer than expected.

Dr. James Huff rallied on Sunday, winning three games to secure his place as Winner in the Championship Flight.  Having to beat undefeated Kent Lovvorn by two games (Runner Up - Championship Flight) and Roy Gee by one (Third Place - Championship flight).  All three hail from Carrollton and won against players from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.

Allen Griffin of Carrollton took Bill Simmons of Florida by two games to secure his Winner status in the First Flight division.

Championship Flight Singles
1. Jimmy Huff
2. Kent Lovvorn
3. Roy Gee
4. Todd Russell
5. Gil Flowers
6. Dick Boger
First Flight Singles
1. Allen Griffin
2. Bill Simmons
3. Ben deGaris
4. Michael Seale
5. John Scudder

   Jimmy_Huff_Roy_Gee_Kent_Lovvorn_2006519498.jpg       Jimmy_Huff_Roy_Gee_969605083.jpg       Bill_Simmons_Allen_Griffin_377069721.jpg       Jimmy_Huff_Allen_Griffin_1335630073.jpg       Jimmy_Huff_Bill_Simmons_443544963.jpg
          Jimmy Huff, Roy Gee, Kent Lovvorn                       Jimmy Huff & Roy Gee               Bill Simmons & Allen Griffin          Jimmy Huff & Allen Griffin          Jimmy Huff & Bill Simmons