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2021 Rochester Invitational

Sue Sherer | Published on 8/17/2021

8th Rochester Invitational - American Rules

August 13-15, 2021



The rain and thunder took flight in the face of fierce competition in three flights for this year's Rochester Invitational.  Club members provided delicious home-cooked meals throughout the weekend to guests from Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina, several of whom were first-time visitors.  The atmosphere was friendly but definitely saw great contention in all games with several being won in last turn.


Championship Flight Singles was a definitive win for Bob Hafner over Rich Laging after having lost to Laging in block play by one wicket in last ball, last turn.


Taking first in 1st Flight Singles was Ron Millican having to play off against his wife Deborah who took second after she had soundly bested him in block play earlier.  


In 2nd Flight Singles a similar scenario took place where Byron Lee won by two wickets in block play to Peter Sherer, but Sherer taking first place in the finals and Lee taking second.


It was a great weekend for the Millicans as they faced off again in Doubles Finals and this time the win went to Deborah Millican and partner John Joseph with Ron Millican and Peter Bowers taking second.


As in past years, the Rochester Invitational followed the Buffalo Invitational for a great Western New York duo on successive weekends.  Being only an hour apart, many travelers take in the beautiful sights like Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes Wine Trail, the Corning Museum of Glass and other attractions between weekends.

Sue Sherer, Bob Hafner, Rich Laging, Rich Curtis 

Sue Sherer, Deborah Millican, Ron Millican, Rich Curtis

Championship Singles
1. Bob Hafner
2. Rich Laging
3. Ryan Thompson
4. Rich Watson
5. Leo Leither

First Flight Singles
1. Ron Millican
2. Deborah Millican
3. Peter Bowers
4. John Joseph
5. Norm Pike

Hi/Lo Doubles
1. Deborah Millican & John Joseph
2. Ron Millican & Peter Bowers
3. Bob Hafner & Judy Onorati
4. Rich Watson & Debbie Hafner
5. Leo Leither & Jennie Joseph
6. Ryan Thompson & Byron Lee
7. Rich Curtis & John Gorsline
8. Norm Pike & Linda Pike