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2021 Scissortail Invitational

Published on 9/16/2021

ScissorTail Invitational

September 16-19, 2021

Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club

The 2021 ScissorTail Oklahoma Championship was held September 16-19, hosted by the ScissorTail Croquet Club on its home courts at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. The weather cooperated with cool mornings and lots of sunshine. The competition in both flights was intense but cordial. There were quite a few nail biter matches in Championship flight while there was a lot of battling for position in First flight.

Since this was a true double elimination, there were opportunities to work your way to the finals. First flight saw Suzanne Spradling move through the playoffs straight to the finals and John Craddock worked his way up to play in the final match. It was a close match but Suzanne was able to keep John partner dead long enough to move ahead and keep the lead. In Championship flight, it got down to Scott Spradling and Randy Cardo for the finals. Scott had not lost any matches in the playoffs so when Randy beat him in the finals they had to play another match and Scott prevailed. It was an exciting two matches. Even the spectators were worn out!

Thanks to all our players who traveled from near and far to compete.

Hope to see you next year!

ScissorTail Winners

Randy Cardo & Scott Spradlng
Championship Finalists

Final Order

Championship Singles

1. Scott Spradling

2. Randy Cardo

3. Conner Helms

4. Kevin McQuigg

5. John Brown

5. Beverley Cardo

7. George Peterkin III

7. Dale Jordan


First Flight Singles

1. Suzanne Spradling

2. John Craddock

3. Jim Loftis

4. Joe Schulte

5. Carl Archiniaco

6. Ford Audtin

6. Mary Craddock