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2021 Women's GC Open

Macey White - TD | Published on 10/21/2021

Women's GC Open
October 21-24, 2021
Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club


This inaugural event was the very first time a USCA sanctioned Golf Croquet tournament was held exclusively for women in the United States. Twenty-five women from eight different states traveled to Virginia to be a part of something that was truly special.

Prior to the start of the tournament, players were able to take to the practice courts or sign up for private and group lessons. There was also a men’s doubles mixer for the fellas who made the trip and a fun doubles round robin giving the ladies a chance to get to know one another.

The format of the tournament provided for lots of singles games to be played and started with Scramble Blocks where players would later be sorted out into Championship, First, and Second flights based on their results. Lunches were provided daily and special dinners were planned to enjoy courtside. The Chesapeake Bay Club features eight beautiful croquet lawns with amenities and great hospitality and truly caters to the players and spectator’s comfort.
Flighted block play followed, and the women battled for a top-four berth in their respective semi-final play-offs. It wasn’t until the last match was played that the top four positions in each flight were determined.

Semi-Final Play-Offs
(1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3)

Championship Flight Semis:
Helen Covington vs. Priscilla Flowers and Cheryl Bromley vs. Sandy Knuth

First Flight Semis:Cami Russack vs. Geri O’Neill and Lisa Maloney vs. Caryl FirthSecond Flight Semis:Mary Hennelly vs. Karin Karel and Pamela Groh vs. Marcie Ridenour
Great matches ensued and the level of play continued to rise as players moved on to the final rounds.

Helen Covington
Final Results
Championship Winner: Helen Covington
Finalist: Cheryl Bromley Score: 7-6, 5-7, 7-3

Helen had a fantastic tournament dropping only two games throughout the entire event.  Her long, hard-hitting clearance shots and precision placement made her a formidable opponent to face.

First Flight Winner: Geri O’Neill

Finalist: Caryl Firth

Score: 7-4

Geri had a close, competitive match in her semi-final with a 7-6 win over undefeated Cami Russack to gain her spot in the final. She kept her focus to take home the victory with a well-played match against Caryl.

Second Flight Winner: Karin Karel
Finalist: Pamela Groh Score: 7-6

Karin avenged two earlier losses in block play to turn the tables and take home the title. Pamela was a worthy opponent who had gone undefeated in block play leading up to the final.

Spirit Award
Kathie Clarke, Pasadena Croquet Club

Kathie was given the Spirit Award for embodying the essence of this tournament with a smile on her face and a friendly word to all throughout the entire event.

Pinky Hatden Kathie Clarke
 Pinky Hayden and Kathie Clarke

Courtenay Rodonets Pamela Darney
Courtenay Rodonets and Pamela Darney

Pictured left to right: Cheryl Bromley, Caryl Firth, Geri O’Neill, Helen Covington, Pamela Groh, Karin Karel, Macey White, and Kathie Clarke

Fast Facts
Players came from California, Delaware, Florida, North Carolina,
Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin

84% of the women started playing regulation croquet after the age of 55!

Check out for all of the match results.

Upcoming Women’s Events – Mark Your Calendars!
• January 20 – 23, 2022 Women’s Hurricane GC Open - National Croquet Center, Florida
• October 20 – 23, 2022 Women’s GC International Friendship Cup – Chesapeake Bay Club, VA

Complete Results

Championship Flight Singles

1. Helen Covington
2. Cheryl Bromley
3. Priscilla Flowers
3. Sandy Knuth
5. Pamela Darney
5. Judith Warren
5. Carson Bond
5. Suzanne Spradling
5. Donna Dixon

First Flight Singles
1. Geri O'Neil
2. Caryl Firth
3. Lisa Maloney
3. Cami Russack
5. Mary Galasso
5. Angela Pitman
5. Debra Bradley
5. Allison Worthington

Second Flight Singles
1. Karin Karel
2. Pamela Groh
3. Mary Hennelly
3. Marcie Ridenour
5. Kathie Clark
5. Margaret "Pinky" Hayden
5. Luella Rundell
5. Courtney Rodonets