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2021 Shark Tooth Open

Webster Bull | Published on 11/21/2021

Shark Tooth Open
November 19-21, 2021
Sarasota County Croquet Club

Sarasota CCC’s Shark Tooth Open: A Soo-per Success

Shark Tooth Open Group

The first open tournament of the season at Sarasota County Croquet Club in Venice FL drew 48 contestants from a dozen clubs. The GC singles-only event was held Friday thru Sunday, November 19-21. Tournament organizers were Nancy Hart (TM) and Webster Bull (TD).

No surprise, the championship winner was the tournament’s top-graded player, Jeff Soo, weighing in with a D-grade of 2358. Jeff bested his sometime Highlands NC student Hammond Rauers in a thrilling best-of-3 final, 7-6, 7-5. Eileen Soo and Vernon Pierce tied for 3rd in the championship knockout, while Gene Raymond was the winner of the championship consolation knockout.

In 1st flight, Chris Weihs was the winner over Billie Ray (Highland Falls) in the knockout final. Tied for 3rd were Dean Ricci and Priscilla Flowers, while Cami Russack won the consolation final over Judy Carlin.

In 2nd flight, Lee Yeilding was dominant, i.e. undefeated, throughout the tournament. In the knockout final, he beat Sandra Cornes 7-2, while Christine Smith and Michael LaGraff, a tournament newcomer, tied for third. Winner of the 2nd flight consolation was Alex Feinstein, 7-5, over Karen Weihs.

Shark Tooth Champ. Rauers & Soo

              Hammond Rauers & Jeff Soo

Shark Tooth 1st Weihs & Ray
                                    Christof Weihs & Billie Ray

Shark Tooth 2nd Yeilding & Cornes
            Lee Yeilding & Sandra Cornes

Championship Singles

1. Jeff Soo

2. Hammond Rauers

3. Eileen Soo

3. Vernon Pierce

5. Dick Boger

6. Rich Dell

7. James Creasey

8. Peter Carlin

9. Gene Raymond

10. Debbie Davidoff

11. David Cornes

12. Alex Galasso

13. Diane Walker

14. Roger Vorraber

15. Todd Russell

16. Jim Coling


First Flight Singles

1. Christof Weihs

2. Billie Ray

3. Dean Ricci

3. Priscilla Flowers

5. Tate Russack

6. Jim Hardy

7. Ellen Nelsen

8. Earle Mauldin

9. Cami Russack

10. Judy Carlin

11. Bill Simmons

12. Rita McNamara

13. Rusty Rose

14. JohnE Walker

14. Tom Lindley

16. Ray Liberti


Second Flight Singles

1. Lee Yeilding

2. Sandra Cornes

3. Christine Smith

3. Michael LaGraff

5. Anne Kukla

6. John Rymer

7. Jon Ayers

7. Mary Galasso

9. Alex Feinstein

10. Karen Weihs

11. Susan Helton

12. Shirley Ricci

13. Ellen Goldener

13. Moss Robertson

15. Connie Coling

16. Maris Petrola