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2021 Golf Croquet Club Teams

Macey White - TD | Published on 12/20/2021

2021 Golf Croquet Club Teams

Largest croquet tournament in the Western Hemisphere in 2021


The 2021 Golf Croquet Club Teams Tournament was a grand affair! 108 players and at least 15 on the waiting-list.  18 clubs sent teams from all over the United States.


There were small club teams.  8 teams had 3 or fewer players and were in Division III:

Highlands Strikers – Captain: Ellenburg

Indian Creek Croquet Club – Captain: Bob Harbaugh

Lenox Croquet Club – Captain: David Ekstrom

The Little Club – Captain: Bruce Hindin

Mountain Brook – Captain: Lee Yeilding

Palm Beach Polo – Captain: Sandy Knuth

St. Andrews Club – Captain: Jan Fisher

Springs Croquet Club – Captain: Susan Creasey


There were medium sized teams with 4 to 9 players in Division II:

Bonita Bay Club – Captain: Rich Dell

Denver Croquet Club – Captain: James Creasey

Mountain Lake – Captain: David Maloof

Ocean Reef Club – Captain: Kendall Hendrick

Plantation at Ponte Vedra – Captain: Bill Simmons

Quogue Field Club – Captain: Dick Corey


There were 4 large club teams with 10 or more players in Divion I:

Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club – Captain: Steve Thurston

Everglades Club – Captain: Tom Cooper

National Croquet Club – Captain: Sherif Abdelwahab

Wyndemere Country Club – Captain: John Joseph


12 teams brought team flags and several teams had uniforms.

The Denver Croquet Club showed up in the winning Club Teams socks.


Rich Dell from Bonta Bay sports the winning Club Team shirt.



The Everglades Club had the winning Club Teams hats.



The Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club came flying the winnings Club Teams flag.


Pricsilla Flowers was the tournament social director and arranged some great games and competitions on Thursday evening.  We played Mix and Mingle Scramble.  It started with partnering up players who did not know each other.  The games began as normal GC games and periodically a whistle was blown and the players had to change balls (blue now plays red, red plays black, black plays yellow, yellow plays blue).  Each wicket had a sample sized bottle of an adult beverage attached to it and the person scoring the wicket claimed the bottle attached to the wicket.  There were 48 players who participated and fun was had by all.


All of the competitive play was doubles.  The doubles pairs were organized into three flights, Championship, 1st and 2nd based on the players cumulative GC handicaps.  Many players entered the tournament with no GC handicap and were assigned a provisional handicap by their club team captain for seeding purposes.  It has been suggested that next year, all players must have a USCA recognized GC Handicap before entering the 2022 GC Club Teams Tournament.


Each flight was split into three blocks of 6 doubles pairs. On Friday and Saturday the doubles pairs played everyone in their block.  8 pairs from each flight were selected based on win/loss record and net points.  These 8 doubles pairs faced off in a single elimination ladder on Sunday.


When the dust settled, here are the results:


Championship Flight

1              Sherif Abdelwahab & Hal Denton                              National Croquet Club

2              John Steninger & Ned Sperry                                    Denver Croquet Club

3              Macey White & Steve Thurston                                 Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club

3              Cheryl Bromley & Vernon Pierce                               National Croquet Club

5              Tom Cooper & Conrad Rugart                                   The Everglades Club

5              Randy Cardo & Bev Cardo                                         The Quogue Field Club

5              Clint Dawkins & Joe Carroll                                        Plantation at Ponte Vedra

5              David Maloof & John Wight                                        Mountain Lake

9              Bo Prillaman & Rick Sheely                                        Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club

9              James Creasey & Ron Eccles                                     Denver Croquet Club

9              Rich Dell & Corky Dell                                                 Bonita Bay Club

9              Tate Russack & Tamer Hatata                                     National Croquet Club

9              Sandra Knuth & Tina Hinkley                                      Palm Beach Polo

9              Tim Cavers & Bill Simmons                                         Plantation at Ponte Vedra

9              Jeff Morrison & Clint Fowlkes                                     National Croquet Club

9              Miller Conaway & Lee Yeilding                                   Mountain Brook

9              Priscilla Flowers & Tom Tribby                                    National Croquet Club

9              Debbie Davidoff & Earle Mauldin                               Plantation at Ponte Vedra



1st Flight

1              John Joseph & Jicham Zaatini                                     Wyndemere Country Club

2              Kendall Hendrick & Laura Hendrick                           Ocean Reef Club

3              Alan Thomson & Bill Hinkebein                                  Ocean Reef Club

3              Stuart Baker & Loretta Cooper                                   The Everglades Club

5              Jodie Rugart & Vickie Johnston                                 The Everglades Club

5              Lois Clay & Suzanne Turner                                        National Croquet Club

5              Bruce Hindin & Neill Trimble                                       The Little Club

5              Richard Corey & Christopher Morris                          The Quogue Field Club

9              Cami Russack & Mel Eckhart                                      Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club

9              Lin Irey & Gerry Eubank                                               National Croquet Club

9              Cecil Creasey & Susan Creasey                                  Springs Croquet Club

9              Candice Kehoe & Kevin O'Driscoll                              Wyndemere Country Club

9              Phil Emond & Sue Emond                                            Plantation at Ponte Vedra

9              Tim Bitting & Reine Bitting                                           The Everglades Club

9              Jeanne Branthover & Anne Carr                                 National Croquet Club

9              Tom Lindley & Rita Ginsky                                            National Croquet Club

9              Bob Harbaugh & Joe Fleming                                      Indian Creek Croquet Club

9              Rita McNamara & Dorothea Endicott                           Lenox & Chesapeake Bay



2nd Flight

1              Geri O'Neill & Pamela Groh                                           National Croquet Club

2              Dennis Leddy & Michael McGowan                             Mountain Lake

3              Shaun Henderson & Shari Gallucci                              National Croquet Club

3              Jan Fisher & Ed Berge                                                  St. Andrews Club

5              Anne Killilea & Fran Anthony                                       Wyndemere Country Club

5              Rodney Lassiter & Kathy Killmon                                 Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club

5              Patricia Duncan & Nancy Reynolds                             The Everglades Club

5              David Ekstrom & Martie Ekstrom                                 Lenox Croquet Club

9              Franck Meunier & John Strasser                                  National Croquet Club

9              Holly Sperry & Morna Steninger                                  Denver Croquet Club

9              Brooklyn Ellenburg & Loretta Tarver                           Highlands Strikers

9              John Grout & Lynette Grout                                         Bonita Bay Club

9              Michael Hawke & Jennifer Joseph                             Wyndemere Country Club

9              Imelda Mehlert & Bruce Morehead                            Wyndemere Country Club

9              Alex Galasso & Mary Galasso                                     National Croquet Club

9              Kevin Killilea & Mike Anthony                                     Wyndemere Country Club

9              Janet Schwartz & Phil Robinson                                 National Croquet Club

9              Courtenay Rodonets & Jeanmarie Dellosso             Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club



To determine the 2021 Club Teams Winning Clubs, each player earned points based on his/her finish.  Flight winners earned 8 points, second place earned 6 points, 3rd place earned 4 points, 5th place earned 2 points and 9th place earned 1 point.



Points were totaled from the top 2 finishers on each Division III team and the winning Division III team was the St. Andrews Croquet Club.




Points were totaled from the top 4 finishers on each Division II team and the winning Division II team was the Ocean Reef Croquet Club.




Points were totaled from the top 10 finishers on each Division I team and the winning Division I team was the National Croquet Club.



Next year the 2022 Golf Croquet Club Teams tournament is sure to fill up fast.  Please register your team as soon as the announcements come out.  Also, please work on getting all of your club Golf Croquet players a USCA Golf Croquet handicap.  Please contact the USCA office for details.