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2022 Jones Invitational

Doug Ledgett | Published on 1/27/2022



Well done to all of the players; the support volunteers who set, checked and reset the courts each day; the many volunteers who handled the food, water and snack supply each day, and those who kept Deadness Boards and helped refereeing, all through hot days, gale force winds, and freezing temperatures.

The results are listed below:

Championship A Flight – David Ekstrom (Lenox CC)[defeated Randy Cardo (The Beach Club) for 1St place, Randy taking 2nd place.


Championship B Flight – Brian Hovis (SCCC) defeated Mark Masselink (Gasparilla Mallet Club/SCCC) for 1st place, Mark taking 2nd place.


First Flight – Bill Todd (Grand Haven CC) defeated Sally McGrath (Westhampton CC) for 1st place, Sally taking 2nd place.


Second Flight – Marsha Cargill (Grand Haven CC) defeated Peter Bowers (Rochester CC) for 1st place, Peter taking 2nd place.


Third Flight – James (Jim) Hester (Grand Haven CC) defeated Margaret Matuszak (Grand Haven CC) for 1st place, Margaret taking second place.


A special thank you to Tournament Manger, Nancy Hart for her endless energy and leadership.


Douglas (Doug) Ledgett

Tournament Director

Complete Results

Championship A

1. David Ekstrom

2. Randy Cardo

3. Tim Rapuano

4. Mark Fields

5. Conner Helms

5. Neil Houghton

7. Macey White

7. Webster Bull

9. Matt Griffith

9. Arthur Olsen

9. Brett Stovall

9. Gene Raymond


Championship B

1. Brian Hovis

2. Mark Masselink

3. Linda Trifone

4. Dan O’Connell

5. Rick Alderson

5. Mancy Crouch

7. Roger Vorraber

7. Robert Brightman

9. Brian Zindel

9. John Donohue

9. Ron Eccles

9. Mijai Pagano


First Flight

1. Bill Todd

2. Sally McGrath

3. Jim Watrous

4. Stuart Price

5. John Joseph

5. Ellie Griffith

7. Anne Licursi

7. Chris Smith

9. David Kepner

9. Rita McNamara

9. Jon Spaulding


Second Flight

1. Marsha Cargill

2. Peter Bowers

3. Rusty Rose

4. Mel Eckhart

5. John McGrath

5. Sheryl Phillips

7. George Quallich

7. James McLaughlin

9. Jeanette Hodgkins

9. Ellen Goldener

9. Linda O’Connell

9. George Claffey III


Third Flight

1. Jim Hester

2. Margaret Matuzak

3. Ronald Rapuano

4. Jennifer Joseph

5. Christof Weihs

5. Steven Zoric

7. Katie Bull

7. Jeffery Cohen

9. Barbara Wolf

9. Maria Petrola

9. Karen Weihs

9. Jane Zhao