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2022 Women's Hurricane Golf Croquet Open

Macey White | Published on 1/20/2022

2022 Hurricane Women’s Golf Croquet Open

The inaugural Women’s Hurricane Golf Croquet Open tournament was held at the

National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida on January 20-23, 2022.

The tournament was hosted by the women of the National Croquet Club and managed by Priscilla Flowers and Cami Russack.  Macey White was the tournament director.  56 players signed up and represented all levels of GC play, from beginners to the best, including six of the top ten active female players in America; Helen Covington, Cheryl Bromley, Debbie Davidoff, Eileen Soo, Lynda Sudderberg, and Vicky Naranjo.

Tournament Managers Priscilla Flowers and Cami Russack celebrate the end of a great tournament.


Thursday and Friday started with two rounds of doubles play in the morning each day.  The top two doubles teams squared off at 11am on Sunday for a finals showdown.  Cheryl Bromley & Lynda Sudderberg defeated Debbie Davidoff & Ellen Nielsen in a spectacular display of skill.  Clearing shots from the sideline were the norm and the game was a spectator’s delight.

The Hurricane was a great place to meet new friends and renew old acquaintances.  Here Pam Groh and Mary Galasso share a moment together.

In singles, since many of the players were unrated, singles play started with “Scramble Blocks”.  There were 11 scramble blocks and each block had a cross section of experience levels.  Scramble block played followed the doubles games on Thursday and Friday.  The top 15 finishers from scramble play went to the Championship Flight.  The next 20 players went to 1st Flight and the last 20 went to 2nd Flight.  The scramble blocks worked well.  One unrated player, up-and-coming star Brooklyn Ellenburg, made the cut for Championship Flight and 5 other players who would have ended up in 1st or 2nd Flight (based on dgrades) ended up in Championship Flight.  Saturday was dominated by flighted play.  Each flight was split into blocks of 5 players and the blocks played round-robin style so that each player played everyone in their block on Saturday.


Sunday was playoff day.  The top eight finishers from each flight went to the quarter finals.  Quarters and semis were a single 75-minute game.  Finals games were untimed.  1st and 2nd Flight played a single finals game and Championship Flight played best two of three.  Allison Worthington defeated Marianne Davidson to win 2nd Flight.  Cami Russack out dueled Vickie Naranjo to win 1st Flight.


The Championship Flight battle between Debbie Davidoff and Cheryl Bromley was fantastic.  Debbie won the first game and Cheryl came from behind to win the next two.  Cheryl and Debbie played at a level that would challenge anyone in the US, man or woman.


Cami Russack commented, “many new unranked players like Suzanne Turner and Missy Chilton did so well.   Mary Galasso had a SPECTACULAR Tournament jumping from 2nd flight to championship flight and the great play from Cheryl, Lynda, Ellen and Debbie in doubles.  And the great fun of the Thursday Mixer.  Everyone was wonderful and we all met new friends! …Through the generosity of the Players and Supporters we raised $650 to create WOMEN HURRICANE GOLF CROQUET OPEN Perpetual Trophy with a plan to list all Flight and Doubles winners for each Year. Thank You all so much!”.


Suzanne Spradling commented, “The good, the bad and the ugly” might describe my play on any given day. But it sure was fun playing with these ladies. I learned so much no matter the outcome. I enjoyed and am looking forward to getting to know even better this determined group of encouraging competitors”.


Mark your calendars, next year the 2023 Hurricane is scheduled for January 19-22.

Cami Russack won 1st Flight and Vicky Naranjo came in second. L-R Priscilla, Nancy, Macey and Cami.

Alison Worthington won 2nd Flight and Marianne Davidson came in 2nd. L-R John Banister (National Croquet Club president), Marriane, Allison and Priscilla.

Cheryl Bromley won Championship Flight with Debbie Davidoff coming in second. L-R Debbie, Cheryl and Macey.

Doubles was won by Lynda Sudderberg and Cheryl Bromley (right) and 2nd place was Debbie Davidoff and Ellen Nielsn (left).

Doubles Final Order

1         Cheryl Bromley & Lynda Sudderberg

2        Debbie Davidoff & Ellen Nielsen

3        Suzanne Spradling & Missy Chilton

3        Mary Galasso & Caryl Firth

3        Mary Hennelly & Geraldine McCaulley

6        Cathy Baillis & Marilyn Price

7        Anne Killilea & Kathy Gamble

7        Jan Fisher & Rosemarie Maccario

7        Allison Worthington & Sandy Howard

10      Trudy Crowetz & Suzanne Turner

11       Vicky Naranjo & Gay Cinque

12      Helen Covington & Priscilla Flowers

12      Lorie Tarver & Brooklyn Ellenburg

14      Pam Groh & Debra Bradley

15      Eileen Soo & Karen Connery-Albert

16      Lisa Maloney & Cami Russack

17      Geri O'Neill & Barbara Jamison

18      Sheila Peterson & Linda Merk

18      Jane Casey & Pamela Wilson

20     Jan Allison & Joan Corey

21      Sonia Alexandra & Rita Ginsky

21      Courtenay Rodonets & Lynda Bjorklund

23     Lois Clay & Christine Smith

24     Pamela Myers & Marianne Davidson

25     R. Ellen Avellino & Mary Jacobson

26     Lynn Epstein & Mary Churchill

27     Janet Schwartz & Joan Therien

28     Patricia Richmond & Whitney Miller


Championship Flight         

1        Cheryl Bromley

2       Debbie Davidoff

3       Helen Covington

3       Mary Galasso

5       Pam Groh

5       Eileen Soo

5       Brooklyn Ellenburg

5       Priscilla Flowers

9       Kathie Gamble

9       Lynda Sudderberg

9       Geri O'Neill

9       Suzanne Spradling

9       Barbara Jamison

9       Christine Smith

9       Rosemarie Maccario



1st Flight              

1        Cami Russack

2       Vicky Naranjo

3       Lois Clay

3       Linda Merk

5       Ellen Nielsen

5       Mary Churchill

5       Jan Fisher

5       Lisa Maloney

9       Gay Cinque

9       Debra Bradley

9       Caryl Firth

9       Rita Ginsky

9       Anne Killilea

9       Lynn Epstein

9       Sonia Alexandra

9       Suzanne Turner

9       Sandy Howard

9       Geraldine McCauley

9       Trudy Crowetz

9       Karen Connery-Albert



2nd Flight            

1        Allison Worthington

2       Marianne Davidson

3       Janet Schwartz

3       Jane Casey

5       Jan Allison

5       Lynda Bjorklund

5       Joan Therien

5       Marilyn Price

9       Sheila Peterson

9       Mary Hennelly

9       Patricia Richmond

9       Courtenay Rodonets

9       R. Ellen Avellino

9       Pamela Wilson

9       Pamela Myers

9       Mary Jacobson

9       Lorie Tarver

9       Whitney Miller

9       Joan Corey