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2022 USCA Golf Croquet Eights

Cheryl Bromley - TD | Published on 4/28/2022

USCA Golf Croquet Eights
April 28-May 1, 2022
Sarasota County Croquet Club

GC 8s Group

The GC8s proved once again why it is one of the most prestigious and challenging Golf Croquet events
held annually. Its unique format consists of four days of singles “match play” i.e., untimed, 2-of-3 game
matches - in line with what is done on the world stage.

Twenty-four players were placed by ranking into three groups and competed against each player within
their group. Final results were based on several criteria including overall match wins, net games, total
games won, and net hoops. It was not unusual for an individual match to last 3-4 hours with players
scheduled to play two opponents per day. The longest single match of the tournament started at 9:00 a.m.
and finished after 6:00 p.m. with both players tirelessly exhibiting clearing shots and finding the Quadway
hoops to be unrelenting.
Each of the three flights proved to be very competitive and closely contested, and it wasn’t until the final
matches were completed on Sunday and the scores were tallied, that the overall group winners could
actually be determined.

Top honors went to James Creasey who started as the “dark horse” in the First Eight but was formidable
disposing of nearly everyone in his path and claiming the title by just two net hoops ahead of Cheryl

In the Second Eight, and playing in his first official sanctioned GC event, John Wight put all of his
training leading up to the tournament to good use notching 6 of 7 matches with Webster Bull trailing
close behind the leader with 5 wins.

The Third Eight was a true test of physical endurance, patience, and mental fortitude. Ellen Nielsen
played with unshakeable determination throughout the entire event and went undefeated in capturing the
title. Sandra Cornes of England placed second with her only loss in three games to Nielsen at the close of
the final afternoon.

GC 8s Winners

A debt of gratitude and thanks goes to: Nancy Hart (Tournament Manager) and Gene Raymond who
attended to every players’ needs and made sure everyone stayed hydrated and well fed; to Jim Coling and
his merry band of early risers and dedicated volunteers who made certain the courts were maintained and
set to precision each day; and to Club President John Goldener and the members of SCCC for hosting the
event. A special shout-out to “Starsky and Hutch” - you know who you are!

First Eight

1. James Creasey
2. Cheryl Bromley
3. David Cornes
4. Matt Griffith
5. Rich Dell
6. Hesham Elzoghby
7. Dick Boger
8. Steve Jackson

Second Eight
1. John Wight
2. Webster Bull
3. Alex Galasso
4. Christof Weihs
5. Priscilla Flowers
6. Tate Russack
7. Ellie Griffith
8. Cami Russack

Third Eight
1. Ellen Nielsen
2. Sandra Cornes
3. Christine Smith
4. Linda Merk
5. Karen Weihs
6. Mary Galasso
7. Tom Bown
DNF Thomas Howell

Results can be found on
Submitted by, Cheryl Bromley, Tournament Director