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2022 Women's GC Academy

Cheryl Bromley - TD | Published on 2/11/2022

WGC Group

Thirty-two women from the Ponte Vedra, Florida area took part in the premier Women’s Golf Croquet Academy.

The Ponte Vedra Croquet Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida was the setting for the first-of-its-kind Women’s Golf Croquet Academy.  The Academy was organized by MaryCarol Stearns along with Debbie Davidoff, Ellie Griffith, and Cheryl Bromley who were the instructors for the training sessions.


This special weekend was open to women players of all ages and abilities and filled up quickly. The mission of the WGCA is to develop and improve women’s croquet skills by providing a nurturing environment to embolden women to successfully compete in tournaments against men and women alike. Participants could choose from a 2-day program which included 1-1/2 days of training sessions and a Waterford doubles event or, a 4-day program which included a sanctioned singles tournament.  Daily lunches and refreshments were provided.

WGC Training

Training Sessions included group overviews on topics, followed by smaller group break-out sessions on multiple courts.

The curriculum was chocked full of information and focused on technique; advanced shot-making; tactics, strategy & rules; supervised match play; and featured an evening live zoom presentation from Australia’s #1 ranked woman player, Alison Sharpe, on the mental side of the game.

WGC 1     WGC 2

Above left: Enid Greenfogel in action against Dana Beisheim.  Enid went on to win the Plate event pictured above with Cheryl Bromley.

WGC 3     WGC 4

Debbie Davidoff with First Flight Winner Jo Hofmann.  Right: Championship Flight finalist, Debbie Davidoff with Singles Champion, Cheryl Bromley.

Final Results:

Waterford Doubles

1 - Candy O’Gara

2 - Amy Lingren

Tie-3rd - Megan Krueger and Jill Mikes

Remaining Players - Catherine Morgan, Sue Conley, Mary Miech, Dana Gillie, Carol Hager,

Jane Coovert, Marlene Skilton, and Mimi Calfee.


Singles Tournament Final Standings:


Championship Flight                  First Flight                                 Plate

1 – Cheryl Bromley                    1 – Jo Hofmann                          1 – Enid Greenfogel

2 – Debbie Davidoff                   2 – Lorie Tarver                         2 – Leslie Thomas

T3 – Sue Emond                        T3 – MaryCarol Stearns             T3 – Ann Littleton

T3 – Anita Huber                       T3 – Sandy Hansford                 T3 – Barbara Maletz

T5 – Ellie Griffith                      T5 – Kat Lichter            

T5 – Dana Beisheim                  T5 – Shelley Laird

T5 – Judy Carlton                      T5 – Maggie Heyworth

T5 – Julie Stephenson                T5 – Jean Smiley


All of the ladies signed and presented a giant thank-you card to PVCC club owner, John Curington.

Pictured left to right: Ellie Griffith, MaryCarol Stearns, John Curington, Cheryl Bromley, and Debbie Davidoff

For further information about the Women’s Golf Croquet Academy and

its unique program opportunities, email: