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2022 USCA Southeast 6W Regional

Macey White - TD | Published on 6/2/2022
USCA Southeast 6W Regional
June 2-5, 2022
Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club

The 2022 SE 6W Regional was held at the beautiful Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club in Hartfield, Virginia on June 2 - 5.  30 players from all over the United States came to play. 


Play began each day with doubles in the morning followed by singles in the afternoon.  Championship Flight doubles had 6 teams and 1st Flight had 7 teams.  Competition in doubles consisted of one complete round-robin in each flight with the winner decided by the team with the best win-loss record.



1. Leo Leither & Cameron James

2. Macey White & Nancy Crouch

3. Randy Cardo & Beverley Cardo

3. Adam Lassiter & Randy Lassiter

4. Rick Sheely & Linda Trifone



1.  Brian Zindel & Bo Prillaman

2. John Joseph & Jennifer Joseph

3. Gil Rocha & Jon Spaulding

4. Freeman Turley & Steve Thurston

5. Sally McGrath & John McGrath

6. Cecil Creasey & Susan Creasey

7. Jeffrey Cohen & Barbara Wolf


Singles play started Thursday after doubles with round-robin play.  Each flight, Championship and 1st, were separated into 3 blocks.  In round-robin play, each players played everyone else in their block.  Finishing order in the blocks decided the seeding for the single elimination knockout which started Saturday afternoon. Finals were played on Sunday.  Regional tournaments are an opportunity for players who don't play much to test their skills against seasoned veterans.  Often there are some surprises in the finishing order as relatively unknown players finish well.  In this tournament while long time great player Randy Cardo won the Championship Flight, new-comers Adam Lassiter, and Gil Rocha rose to the top and showed everyone that they are quality players to be respected on the court.  In First Flight, newbie Steve Thurston won the flight.



1. Randy Cardo

2. Rick Sheely

3. Adam Lassiter

3. Gil Rocha

5. Macey White

5. Beverley Cardo

5. Brian Hovis

5. Brian Zindel

9. Linda Trifone

9. Leo Leither

9. Nancy Crouch

9. Cameron James

9. Freeman Turley

10. Rodney Lassiter



1. Steve Thurston

2. Bo Prillaman

3. John Joseph

3. Cecil Creasey Jr.

5. Jon Spaulding

5. Randy Lassiter

5. John McGrath

5. Steven Zoric

9. Sally McGrath

9. Jennifer Joseph

9. Susan Creasey

9. John Welch

9. Dorothea Endicott

9. Jeffrey Cohen

9. Barbara Wolf