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2022 Croquet Fools

Patrick Sweeney - TD | Published on 4/28/2022

Croquet Fools

April 28 - May 1, 2022
Granville Park, Vancouver, British Columbia

2022 Croquet Fools was played April 28th through May 1st on the lawns at Granville Park in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  This annual event is traditionally the “kick-off” to the tournament season in the Northwest.  This year’s event had 12 participants on two lawns.  Peter Bach took home this year’s title.  After struggling the first couple of days in block play, Bach got it together and finished strong.  He entered the final-four double-elimination playoff in the 4th spot facing top seeded Patrick Sweeney.  Sweeney was strong in block play, going 7-1.  Bach took down Sweeney (26-1) and then took down second-seated Chris Percival-Smith in a squeaker (23-22) to earn his spot in the finals.  On the loser side of the bracket, Sweeney eliminated Steve Scalpone (23-10) to face Percival-Smith.  Percival-Smith defeated Sweeney (26-1) to earn his rematch with Bach in the finals.  Bach took the match (26-19) for the title of this year’s champion.


Order of Finish:

  1. Peter Bach
  2. Chris-Percival Smith
  3. Patrick Sweeney
  4. Steve Scalpone
  5. Ron Eccles
  6. Pierre Dunn
  7. Brian Wasylyk
  8. Michael Dowling
  9. Gary Anderson
  10. Carl Uhlman
  11. Russell Uhler
  12. Michael Kernaghan