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2022 Texas State Championship

John Brown - TD | Published on 5/19/2022

Texas State Championship

May 19-22, 2022
Memorial Park, Houston, TX

2022 Texas State Champ
Bob Pulitzer - 2022 Texas State Champion

Congratulations to Bob Pulitzer for winning the Championship Flight in the 2022 Texas State Championship. It was touch and go with his opponent, John Brown and was anyone's game to win until the end.  These two have a lot of history together playing each other in singles along with competing as doubles partners. We are thrilled to have had them both in the finals. 

Also a big Congratulations to First Flight winner, Carl Archiniaco of Oklahoma City. He pulled out a win over our own HCA member, Boyd Parker. They both fought hard and played fabulous matches throughout this tournament.

Third place in Championship Flight goes to Britt Ruby of Tyler; and third place in First Flight goes to Ed McCullough of Houston (HCA member). Way to go guys. 

We had a wonderful, albeit hot, tournament and on behalf of the Houston Croquet Association, I would like to sincerely thank all of our players for participating and all of our wonderful spectators for coming out. I know the players truly appreciated having you there. We also need to send a huge thank you to our tournament director and President of HCA, John Brown, along with Stuart Coco, our assistant tournament director and VP of HCA for the extremely long hours and dedication you always put into making this a well organized and smoothly run tournament. Others that deserve a big thank you are Donna and Lee Hamel and Joe Leary for all you do to ensure we have enough food and refreshments as well as helping to set up and clean up and to John Craddock for your photos. Also, thank you to Lee Slataper for making the cool, Texas spur croquet trophies! He never ceases to amaze me on his creativity.

-Charlotte Pulitzer

Championship Singles
1. Bob Pulitzer
2. John Brown
3. Britt Ruby
4. Conner Helms
5. Stuart Coco
6. Lee Hamel

First Flight Singles
1. Carl archiniaco
2. Boyd Parker
3. Ed McCullough
4. Don Chapoton
5. Charlotte Pulitzer
6. Joe Leary
7. Ford Austin
8. Dawn Herrington