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2022 Greenwich Invitational

Webster Bull- TD | Published on 6/24/2022
2022 Greenwich Invitational
June 24-26, 2022
Greenwich Croquet Club

It was hot in Greenwich, and so was the croquet.

The Greenwich (CT) Croquet Club tournament committee, headed by tournament manager Bill Miller and VP/Head of hospitality Hilary Michaels, put on a great invitational June 24–26 at the Bruce Park headquarters of the club.

Sixteen entrants competed in three flights, including four happy travelers from the Houston Croquet Association, Boyd Parker, Penny Pressler, and relative newlyweds George Peterkin and Tish Wilde. Tournament director Webster Bull and his wife Katie Bull jumped into the fray in the last days when two entrants withdrew, and each came away with honors. Webster won the championship flight with a final win over Arthur Olsen, after losing to Arthur in the block. Art reminded Web that “this is our 10th anniversary” of competition head-to-head.

In first flight, Steve Zoric of Dorset (VT) Field Club continued his climb through the A6W ranks by going undefeated in block and ladder, besting Penny Pressler in the finals. It is still less than a year since Steve started competing in tournaments. In second flight, Katie Bull was undefeated until losing to John Welch in the finals by one wicket, 11-10—a second strong showing in June for Katie, who won the 2nd flight at Lenox two weeks before.

Photo credits: Ed Michaels

Bill Miller & Webster Bull
Tournament Manager Bill Miller & TD Webster Bull who won Championship Flight

Steve Zoric
Steve Zoric shows the form that keeps winning, in this case First Flight

John Welch & Katie Bull
John Welch & Katie Bull went 1-2 in Second Flight

Arthur Olsen Ref
Arthur Olsen served as referee while making the finals in Championship

Final Order

Championship Singles
1. Webster Bull
2. Arthur Olsen
3. Bill Miller
3. Peter Grey
5. George Peterkin

First Flight Singles
1. Steve Zoric
2. Penny Pressler
3. George Claffey
3. Les Taufen
5. Boyd Parker

Second Flight Singles

1. John Welch
2. Katie Bull
3. Blair Stuart
3. Tish Wilde
5. Hilary Michaels