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2022 North Carolina GC Open

Jeff Soo - TD | Published on 9/20/2022
2022 North Carolina GC Open
September 20-22, 2022
Linville, North Carolina

The second annual North Carolina Golf Croquet Open was held at the three Linville clubs: Grandfather, Linville Golf, and Linville Ridge. With five courts available the entry limit was set at 24 players in two flights, allocated by ranking. In both flights, play was in two blocks of six, the top four from each block advancing to the quarterfinals. Players who didn’t make the cut could opt into Plate play, and players knocked out in the quarterfinal round could opt into a Bowl knockout. This kept everyone busy throughout the two-and-a-half-day tournament.


The Strikers of the Highlands Country Club were represented by six players, all of whom advanced to the knockout stage in their respective flights. John Rymer beat fellow Striker Earle Mauldin 7-6 in their First Flight semifinal, and then won the final 7-4, 7-6 against Tate Russack. In Championship Flight, Debbie Davidoff advanced past two of her fellow Strikers, Dick Boger and Hammond Rauers, to reach the final against Grandfather club pro Tom Balding. Balding won the final 7-6, 7-3.


In Championship Flight, Jim Jamison won the Bowl and Gil Flowers won the Plate. In First Flight, Cami Russack won the Bowl and Kathie Gamble won the Plate in a net-points tiebreak.


Instead of trophies, the main event winners and runners-up, and the Bowl and Plate winners, were allowed to direct a donation to their preferred croquet non-profit.


The tournament was directed by Jeff Soo and managed by David and Mieke Maloof.


Jeff Soo, T.D.

Championship Singles
1. Tom Balding
2. Debbie Davidoff
3. Jeff Soo
4. Hammond Rauers
5. Jim Jamison
6. Dick Boger
6. Dallas Denny
6. Gary Gamble
9. Gil Flowers
10. Jochen Lucke
11. Alex Galasso
11. Eileen Soo

First Flight Singles
1. John Rymer
2. Tate Russack
3. Ron Eccles
4. Earle Mauldin
5. Cami Russack
6. Ryan Eberlein
7. Anne Killilea
7. Nancy Hart
9. Kathie Gamble
10. Diane Walker
11. Barbara Jamison
12. Marc "Soup" Campbell