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2022 Blue Crab

Macey White - TD | Published on 9/29/2022


Croquet Friends,

Thanks go to all who braved hurricane Ian and played in the 2022 Blue Crab 6-Wicket croquet tournament at Chesapeake Bay!

We had to battle Hurricane Ian who came to visit on Friday and hung around for the duration.  But croquet players are a tough breed and we prevailed.  It was great to get to play some quality croquet and see some good old friends and make some good new ones.

Red Ian sky at the 2022 Blue Crab
Red Ian sky at Blue Crab 2022

As usual, the weather was better than the weather channel predicted.  Thursday was clear, Friday was rainy but not a wash out and we played and finished the singles portion of the tournament Friday afternoon.  Saturday was a delightfully sunny fall day.  We started doubles Saturday and tried to finish on Sunday.  On Sunday we got as far as the finals and then the court finally puddled up.

Singles were three flights, Championship, 1st and 2nd.  2nd Flight was a training flight and players got coaching during their round-robin games.

The round-robin for each flight was played on Thursday, all players went into the single elimination playoffs on Friday.

In 2nd flight, new comers Doug and Cynthia Fowler advanced to the finals.  Doug and Cynthia have been playing 6-wicket for about 3 months.  The coached round-robin round was a great learning experience for Doug and Cynthia and Doug came out of the round-robin undefeated and was seeded 1st in the playoffs.  Lisa Maloney, Nancy James and Dick Jefferies all tied for 2nd seed.  Doug continued to play well and his wife, Cynthia, came alive in the playoffs and ended up in the finals against Doug.  Doug prevailed in a tight finals game with a 18-15 victory.


2nd Flight


Doug Fowler


Cynthia Fowler


Dick Jefferies


Lisa Maloney


Margaret Jefferies


Nancy James

2nd flight winners Doug and cynthia
Second Flight Winners Doug Fowler & Cynthia Fowler

In 1st Flight, Jan Fisher went undefeated in the round-robin and was 1st seed in the playoffs.  Denys Shorthouse went in as 2nd seed and made it to the finals along with Fred Beck.  Denys was victorious in a close 14-9 finals game.


1st Flight


Denys Shorthouse


Fred Beck


Jan Fisher


John Welch


Cynthia Chess


Bobbi Shorthouse


Linda Orff


Sue Laging


Diane Fitzsimons


Patricia Richmond

cold and wet 1st flight finalists Fred and Denys
Cold & wet First Flight Winners Fred Beck & Denys Shorthouse

In Championship Flight, Macey White was first seed in the playoffs. Macey won all of the round-robin games but lost in the first round of the playoffs against Arthur Olsen.  In typical Championship Flight style, a single mistake (missed hoop) by Macey was all it took for Arthur to take control and win.  In the playoff finals, Arthur met stiff competition with Rodney Lassiter and Rodney prevailed in a low scoring rain dampened game 11-7.


Championship Flight


Rodney Lassiter


Arthur Olsen


Macey White


Rich Laging


Rick Sheely


Gil Rocha


Steve Thurston


Cameron James

Championship Flight finalists Arthur and Rodney
Championship finalists Arthur Olsen & Rodney Lassiter

Doubles was high low.  On Saturday morning, All players were seeded based on their singles performance and the top seed was paired with the bottom seed...  There were ten teams.  After the first round, the five winning teams were placed in Championship Flight and the losing five teams were in 1st Flight.  There was a round-robin for each flight and the two top scoring teams in each flight paired off in the finals.  Unfortunately, it started to rain just before the finals started and the court became un-playable before the games could be finished.  Both finalist teams in each flight were declared tied for first place.

Championship flt winners Macey Lisa Doug and Rick
Championship Doubles winners Macey White, Lisa Maloney, Doug Fowler & Rick Sheely




 Macey White & Lisa Maloney

Rick Sheely & Doug Fowler

Rodney Lassiter & Margaret Jefferies

Rich Laging & Cynthia Fowler

Arthur Olsen & Dick Jefferies





Jan Fisher & Linda Orff

John Welch & Cynthia Chess

Fred Beck &Pat Richmond

Bobbie Shorthouse & Sue Laging

Denys Shorthouse & Diane Fitzsimons

Jan Fisher and John Welch - Doubles 1st flight
First Flight Doubles finalists Jan Fisher & John Welch

Chesapeake Bay is one of the premier croquet destinations in all of North America, if not the world. The club currently has 8 of the truest playing, flattest and fairest courts in the world.  16 more courts are being finished and soon this club will be the largest croquet facility in the world.

Hartfield, VA is an easy destination and is served  by the Richmond International Airport which is a 1 hour, low-traffic, drive away.  Lodging is inexpensive and abundant.  There are hotels in nearby Gloucester, Topping, Deltaville and Kilmarnock, but the true real advantage in lodging are the plethora of great B&B's that you can discover on airbnd and vrbo.

You can turn your trip to Chesapeake Bay into a well rounded vacation with visits to nearby historic Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown and Richmond.  There are also plenty of local golf courses and bunches of fishing charters in the area.

If you haven't been here yet, think about making Chesapeake Bay a destination in 2023.

Y'all come back now ya hear!

Macey White
CBCC Club pro