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2022 Houston Invitational

John Brown - TD | Published on 10/20/2022
Houston Invitational
October 21-23, 2022
Memorial Park - Houston, Texas

Championship Singles
1. Bob Pulitzer
2. John Watson
3. George Peterkin III
4. Scott Kennedy
5. John Brown
6. Mary Rodeberg
7. Stuart Coco

First Flight Singles
1. Ed McCullough
2. Joe Leary
3. Don Chapoton
4. Christine S
5. Rob Franks
6. Penny Pressler
7. Lee Hamel

Second Flight Singles
1. Georgia Carter
2. Mary Craddock
3. Mary Jo Chapoton
4. Donna Wilson Hamel

Bob Pulitzer
Bob Pulitzer - Championship Winner
John Watson
John Watson Championship Finalist
George Peterkin
George Peterkin III Third Place Championship

Joe Leary
Joe Leary First Flight Finalist
Don Chapoton
Don Chapoton First Flight Third Place

Georgia Carter
Georgia Carter Second Flight Winner
Mary Craddock
Mary Craddock Second Flight Finalist
Mary Jo Chapoton
Mary Jo Chapoton Second Flight Third Place